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Russian TV

the Regular announcement the Central Television of the USSR on ultra-short waves the beginning on March, 10th, 1939. In 1941-1945, at the time of the Great Patriotic War, the television did not work. On March, 22nd, 1951 the central studio of television (further it is transformed to the First program) is created. Since 1956 starts to work 2 - I the program, since 1965 has started to pass uchebno - educational programs 3 - j programs TST, since November, 4th, 1967 has begun the transfers 4 - I program TST. On January, 1st, 1982 the Fourth program became the Second program, the Second program the Third program, the Third program the Fourth program. 2 in Moscow W 1980 transfers from Leningrad on 33 TVK through the transmitter established on the Ostankinsky television tower have begun. Besides, ANY1 republic, area and edge had the telecasts. 1988 - the first regional commercial broadcasting company NNTV which broadcast in the city of Nizhni Novgorod is created.

1989 - on November, 2nd in the USSR the first commercial broadcasting company 2x2 together with MTK has gone on the air.

1990 - has begun on September, 27th an announcement TV channel " Boguchansky television ". Later renamed into TV channel " the Spectrum ". The first programs were ABT events and people of Boguchansky area. Staff consisted from 3 - h the person. Ajgul Gadeeva was the first editor.

1991 - on May, 13th there has begun an announcement the Russian Television. The same year in St.-Petersburg "the Sixth channel» has gone on the air.

1992 - has begun on July, 6th an announcement the channel "Russian universities».

1993 - in Moscow on the sixth metre channel together with the channel "Northern crown» has gone on the air on January, 1st TV TV channel - 6. The NTV channel on October, 10th has gone on the air. On January, 17th it starts to broadcast on the eighth metre channel instead of 4 - go channel Ostankino.

1994 - in Moscow on 7 television channel (49 - the m frequency) has begun an announcement the M channel - 49 and including Customs, on 27 - m frequency - channel AMTV, on 24 - m frequency - "24 channel», on 31 - m frequency - "31 channel».

1995 - instead of 1 - go channel Ostankino begins on April, 1st an announcement Public Russian Television (the First channel).

1996 - in July creation of the operator of satellite television first in Russia - NTV - Plus has begun. The analogue announcement of the channel "Our cinema» - the first channel "NTV - Plus» own manufacture on September, 1st has begun. On November, 1st - "NTV - Plus Sports», later channels "NTV - Plus Music», "NTV - Plus the Filmland», "the Children`s world», "NTV - Plus Football» and others. On December, 1st from Moscow there has been begun an announcement of national TV channel "ÑÒÑ" which from the moment of the basis positions itself as "the first entertaining».

1997 - on January, 1st on 49 - the m a television channel has begun an announcement channel REN TV instead of the M channel - 49. On June, 8th the channel 2x2 has passed to separate frequency and soon leaves an aether for 7 years. On June, 9th on a place of TV channels 2x2 and MTK have begun an announcement TV channels "TV the CTR» and "Moskovia". The same year the Petersburg channel TV3 has begun an announcement in Moscow. On November, 1st on frequencies, before belonging to the company "Petersburg - 5 - j the channel», has begun an announcement TV channel "Culture".

1998 - on January, 1st instead of "Interfax - TV» has begun an announcement channel "ÒÍÒ". In the night from 25 for September, 26th has started to broadcast Russian MTV. At first its morning and night transfers were broadcast on the former channel "Teleexpo", in day and vesper - on the former frequency of the company "Energy of TV» (the announcement was conducted W logos of owners of frequencies).

1999 - instead of 24 channels begins on June, 7th WRK TV channel "Darjal of TV».

2000 - struggle for licences of broadcasting companies of ORT and TVTS. Their frequencies have been inserted on competition because of the expiration of their old licences. A fire on the Ostankinsky television tower, interrupted a normal announcement of almost all TV channels in territory of Moscow and Moscow suburbs. The conflict beginning between "Media - the Bridge» and "Gazprom - Media».

2001 - the big repartition in not state mass-media. On April, 14th there was a power capture of a broadcasting company of NTV. After change of the proprietor in a broadcasting company many leading experts of TV channel pass at first to the next TV channel TNT, and then and on TV - 6. On October, 2nd on frequencies of channel "Teleexpo" there has begun an announcement the Russian version of channel Euronews originally accessible only 4 inhabitants of Moscow and Moscow suburbs.

2002 - on January, 22nd instead of TV channel "TV - 6 Moscow» has begun a time announcement the channel "NTV + Sports». On June, 1st - TV channel TVS which has won competition on the right of an announcement on the sixth channel. TVS year and 21 day then has been disconnected has existed all. Struggle for licences of broadcasting companies of NTV, DTV and TV - 6. Frequency of NTV has been exposed for an overabundance of preventions from the Ministry of Press, frequency DTV because of translation of an embedded advertising of spirits and an absenteeism in an aether on a number of the frequencies specified in the licence, and frequency of TV - 6 after its disconnect from an aether.

2003 - on many Russian TV channels begins a round-the-clock announcement (before TV channels began an announcement at 6:00 and finished in area 2:45). On June, 12th in an aether there was an all-Russian TV channel "Sports". On June, 22nd it has gone on the air on TV channel TVS place.

2005 - instead of TV channel M1 has begun on March, 6th an announcement TV channel "House".

2006 - after a long break in a federal aether comes back on October, 1st "the Fifth channel» from Petersburg and till now it is the unique federal channel W the announcement CTR not from Moscow.

2011 - begins on September, 4th an announcement city information TV channel "Moscow 24» which has come on replacement to channel "Capital". "The State Customs Committee of TV Capital» (city TV channel Capital). On October, 17th begins an announcement channel "Pepper" instead of channel "ÄÒÂ", TV channel "Pepper" is the most part of telemedia holding "CTC Media» or "CTCM». On December, 31st TV channel "Seven" has been replaced with TV channel Disney.