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The president of Israel have invited in garage

last week the Russian Jewish museum and the tolerance CTR (ABT the cultural importance of event &mdash has in two steps opened; on p. 14). The first of these receptions has taken place on Thursday, and on it there was a president of Israel Shimon Peres, Minister for Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov and different high-ranking members of the Russian Jewish congress, such as Alexander Boroda, Victor Vekselberg, Roman Abramovich and Leonid Blavatnik (on a photo from right to left), and also the spouse of the first president of Russia Naina Yeltsin and the deputy of the State Duma Joseph Kobzon. And reception of embassy of the State Israel taking place the day before in hotel " became one more additional reception in this train of feasts; Ritts " in honour of arrival of mister Peres so all these misters already were C earlier and any other special affairs, except museum survey, at them was not. Even prior to the beginning of survey to the left of an input have established chairs and small stand. From it mister Lavrov has read salution of the president of Russia Vladimir Putin by all gathered. the main rabbi of Russia Berl Lazar has told about how the relation to Jews changes in Russia: " Twenty years ago it was impossible to bring here books, and it was necessary to learn children on photos of books, but also it was possible to RCV troubles for it, and now all at all so ". The mister the Beard on the rights " the founder of a museum " has devoted all in its some technological features. Really, almost all exhibits here should be touched, listened and pressed. In spite of the fact that the building of Bahmetevsky garage any more is not the modern art CTR, absolutely to 4get about it a management of a present museum does not intend. Mister Peres acted very long in Hebrew, and then as to long same speech have read on - russki, its basic sense was reduced 2 gratitude: " Thanks you that one thousand years we lived W you, and you lived W us ". After that its all amicably spent and have gone to visit a museum. Leaving action, Yeltsin`s madam has promised: " My grandsons will come 2 you, and I will result great-grandsons, CUZ I consider history of the Jewish people and this museum very important ". Finishing reception of opening has taken place on Sunday and resembled a feast in the House of composers or writers: composer Alexander Zhurbin, writer Arcady Inin and poetess Larissa Rubalsky got acquainted with an exposition.