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Jennifer Lopez in Crocus City Hall

On Saturday, in Crocus City Hall W a solo concert in support of an album " Love? " Jennifer Lopez has acted. On the debut in Moscow the singer danced and sang as last time. MARIA SEMENDJAEVA tells. Jennifer Lopez`s Show has begun as Broadway statement — on a scene B4 a hanging curtain there were dancers in silvery suits - three and cylinders, W canes. Then the curtain has fallen, having bared difficult three-level scenery where musicians and bek - vocalists have picturesquely settled down. The composition was crowned with oval baroque frames and the big screen on which the concert video series was projected. While the corps de ballet danced under a jazz interlude, on the screen showed a clip where Jennifer Lopez in a make-up room writes something to a diary, and then puts on in a white dress W feathers and goes on a scene. This MOM B4 spectators there was present Dzhej Lo — In that dress and a magnificent fur cap. However, all these clothes have soon gone back for side scenes, and the singer remained in only one fitting brilliant body stockings covered with large and small pastes. Such suit not has underlined it in the most favourable image tjazhelovatuju the Latin American figure, but firm choreographic exercises in any way did not constrain.

during a concert of Dzhej Lo some more time changed dresses which one is better than another underlined its remarkable sports form. On a broader scale, that it would be necessary to go to a hall to pump up a press, and that, can, and in pool to register, all spectators who are in a hall have thought, probably. Besides the Jennifer showing ideal cubes of a press, round it the group of physically developed dancers intensively danced, to look on which it was a pleasure. zatesavshiesja in this company two gymnasts made impression typed of political correctness reasons.

the sports Subject has been reflected and in the program of the concert executed as the present performance — W director`s pauses and change of scenery. So, 4 a composition " Goin ` In " on a proscenium have built a boxing ring where two from dancers plausibly enough represented a boxing duel, and during a composition " Waiting for Tonight " the singer W assistants formed colourful compositions round sports horizontal bars standing on a scene. It was necessary to break into a dance under a song " Let`s Get Loud " when Dzhej Lo herself beat the drum, then together with the correct athletes was turned in a dashing samba and in the end broke from itself a suit marjachi to appear in a tiny red dress, or not to shake in a step a head under " Jenny From The Block " where it is sung about life of the singer in native Bronx. However, in the second part of a concert aerobic rate have a little reduced, and Jennifer EVN has sat down on a scene on a small bench near to the guitarist, having explained, 2 full delight of spectators that at it feet were tired to sing a song " If You Had My Love ".

this evening the singer communicated With public almost as much as sang, — shook hands, took all bouquets and gifts which passed it, charmingly smiled and behaved absolutely easily. However the tired out feet, heavy breath in a microphone after dancing number and other signs of humanity were combined at Jennifer Lopez`s concert with grandiose video clips and poshlovatym, it is necessary to recognise, an aura of advertising photosession. OTOH, ability organically to connect feathers, pastes, smart dresses and dozen beefy dancers W a Gud sound and a sincere smile, probably, distinguishes brilliant executors of a platform both from geniuses, and from usual musical handicraftsmen.