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In Moscow the Russian Jewish museum of tolerance

in the Bahmetevsky garage constructed by architect Konstantin Melnikovym has opened 2DAY, begins WRK the second museum in the capital, devoted to history of the Jewish people. Its command of the American architects, professionals of museum business, under the direction of Ralfa Appelbauma has created. At opening VALENTINE of DEACONS has visited. behind clothes svezheotkrytogo a museum on a wall in some numbers tablets W names of supporters have settled down. At once it is visible that business of the All-Russia scale — in a place of honour (the top number, the CTR) flaunts a name of the president of the Russian Federation Putin which has translated the monthly salary to needs of the future museum. Among sponsors one foreign name is allocated. The fellow-heir of cosmetic empire Este Lauder, the businessman and collector Ronald Lauder, appears, too has participated in building of a monument of the Jewish identity. Certainly, opening of such museum is event internal and foreign policy. The world RCVs a signal that in Russia there were psychological and financial forces 4 perpetuating of one of the most problem pages of the European history.

and what W8 for the usual spectator? The history of Jews can be told on - to a miscellaneous. As the subject of Jewry is not comprehended yet properly as a trauma and responsibility of torturers and indifferent, it is necessary to recognise the decision of designers of a museum of tolerance pertinent. The Moscow museum not only tells about Jews and learns tolerances, but also shows tolerance to uncountable cases in which it would be possible to behave not so modestly and safely to call the spectator inconvenient questions. To business of Bejlisa, for example, which discussion of animal anti-Semitism in a mainstream of public life of Imperial Russia has deduced, one picture (from kilometres of a graphic material) and some is devoted avaricious lines. About that anti-Semitism was shown at all levels of public life EVN the late USSR, here too it is not SPK. B4 us a museum made in style of a historical tap dance and - lja Leonid Parfyonov and " Recently " only W/ O humour. It becomes ridiculous only from some, ESP pop, finds. For example, in a hall devoted by World War I, there is an interactive screen. The stands very similar on advertising " stick out of ruins of provincial small town; city - a format " W Marc Chagall pictures. Having approached a picture, it is possible to press it. Then the stand will fall, and behind it there will be an explaining TXT. That is the spectator, it is possible to tell, own hands brings down a masterpiece Walked.

Ralf Appelbaum which have got the hand on tens of the most different expositions, has thought up structure in the form of concentric circles. In the CTR of an exposition something reminding a museum of ethnography. Here interactive reconstruction of key points of the Jewish place, from school B4 a synagogue are collected. Here and there the white figures representing inhabitants of small towns are placed. Whether it is sending 2 sculptures American the priest - actor George Sigala, whether a hint that a place 4 the present Jew — something like an antique epoch. It like as is a reference point 4 the Jewish people as Ellada 4 Europeans, but nevertheless is not given us in sensations and a little - malski personal experience. In a following circle the information on feasts and ceremonials initsiatsii. In the history of the USSR some halls W the culmination that is logical, in the form of a film ABT the Great Patriotic War and the secular chapel devoted by the victim &mdash are devoted to Jews; all on a broader scale, and not just to Jews. In a military hall there is EVN tank T - 34 (engineers took part in its working out - Jews). At last, on museum perimetre razveshany portraits of members of the Jewish community of Moscow, made Valery Nistratovym. It is a result of assimilation and flight from places but in what the essence and sense of Jewry as positions 2DAY, does not speak.

the museum as a whole is similar to beautifully imposed, richest archive. In it it is very interesting to dig, but author`s intonation and a general line here is not present. It is correct at present more likely, as much poroslo bylem, and simply to declare historic facts more important, than them to interpret. On - to the present a weak place of a museum is actually exhibition architecture. It seemed earlier that garage big. When in it the CTR of modern culture under control of Darya Zhukovoj settled down, Gud exhibitions could be distinguished from bad straight off. The talented curator took Konstantin Melnikova in co-authors, and the space paid storitsej. Not without reason the place has earned unprecedented popularity 4 the modern art. Appelbaumu associates it was possible to hide completely architecture, to make everything that anybody any more did not remember open spaces and plastic of Bahmetevsky garage. LUVed reception of Appelbauma — a diagonal, it puts it everywhere, having spat on keenness and common sense. So we have got an effective modern museum, but have lost an architecture monument.