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Y in Krasnodar territory destroy an antique legacy

the Case of impudent blasphemy has occurred one of these days in Anapsky area of Krasnodar territory — unknown criminals, having got under the screen of night into a temple, have displaced from a place an altar and have broken it ABT a stone floor. Probably, they searched for gold and values, but, having found out nothing, have begun to destroy and break all around... But more all is sad that vandals and remain unpunished, moreover, in police of Krasnodar at all do not C in an event any structure of a crime. Do not hurry to punish koshchunnikov and the well-known Kuban Cossacks. And all because criminals have crushed not the present temple, and a temple of antique goddess Demetry — in total - navsego any monument of history...

a city from - under the earths

" the Spark " Already wrote, how two years ago near to farm the Bulletin that in Anapsky area of Krasnodar territory, scientists East - Bosporsky expedition of Institute of archeology of the Russian Academy of Sciences have found and have defended, have rescued from destruction a unique temple complex Demetry constructed in VI century B.C. More correctly, a word " have found " here it is not absolutely pertinent. The digging base has encountered a wall of an antique temple in literal sense under a new support 4 an electric main ekskavatorshchik from a brigade of the workers: the dredge ladle has turned out from the earth white Greek quadras — the square plate of limestone processed by antique masters. Among local residents there were admirers of history who have called archeologists working nearby. Scientists also have risen on protection of ancient walls.

— builders on a building site, to put it mildly, were not delighted to our occurrence, — the head East - Bosporsky expedition of news agency of the Russian Academy of Sciences Nikolay Sudarev told. — Understand, according to the Russian legislation before to spend any civil work in Anapsky area, builders should RCV the coordination at archeologists, but many companies, alas, no means always observe this requirement. 4 builders to take down a history monument easier, than to call scientists. Therefore, when we have appeared on the object, one support LEP already stood on ruins of an antique temple, and we instead of excavation had to spend is security - salvage operations...

during these WRK also it was found out that when - that on a place of farm the Bulletin was the big Greek policy — an important trading advanced post of the Greek colonies W nations sindov. And it was not simply any boundary fort, and the present crossroads of civilisations: soon near a temple of Demetry archeologists have found also other temple devoted to Apollo, and sanctuary territory surrounded sindsky a necropolis where the died buried by traditions zoroastrizma.

Alas, the opening of the scientists which have called the present storm of delight in the academic environment, have not met any enthusiasm from the authorities of Krasnodar territory. And on a broader scale, as L8R it was found out, to stop a dredge was where easier, than to force to work officials. Nevertheless thanks to persistence of scientists (and partly to protection " the Spark ") All - taki it was possible to put these unique monuments on the account in Protection department, restoration and operation istoriko - cultural values (legacy) of Krasnodar territory.

but, as it is known, to put on the account and to provide real protection of a monument — these are different things.

temples and boors

it is interesting that two years ago the chief of archaeological expedition Nikolay Sudarev already offered colleagues after excavation of a temple of Demetry there and then to dig it back — far away from greedy eyes. Otherwise, say, to this monument not to survive. The marauders romantically calling " will come; black kopateljami " and all will destroy.

— or local will disassemble on building materials, — Nikolay Sudarev was distressed. — Usual bricks here in deficiency, and here directly underfoot lie fine processed Greek quadras — an excellent material 4 a shed. And how much from - for these quadras it has been destroyed historical monuments — One man`s guess is as good as another`s.

However, certain hope to archeologists was inspired by last year`s visit on excavation on coast of sea of Azov then still the prime minister - minister Vladimir Putin — to the country this event was remembered by the telereporting when the prime minister W an aqualung has got from a bottom sea two amphoras. L8R Putin declared program start on creation of tourist clusters in Krasnodar territory, capable to transform antique monuments in objects of attraction of tourists from all over the world — well, as the Athenian Parthenon or the Knossky palace in Crete. But it was soon found out that the similar fate shines not all to the antique cities which have been found out on Tamansky peninsula.

— it is a pity that the history ellinov is not interesting to modern officials and politicians, — the local journalist Svetlana Strenina SPK. — On this excavation you will not put the poster W the pre-election slogan, you will not bring here honoured guests from Moscow as the surrounding landscape in any way will not please a look of the president, and on local roads the train here can and not reach.

so 2DAY archeologist Sudarev feels sorry that has not dug the found sanctuary. Perhaps, then the temple of Demetry also has escaped.

Have got to the bottom of the goddess

the First attack to a temple has occurred even in the spring. Then come on raskop local resident Sergey Ljutov whom archeologists have employed to protect a temple complex, has found out plunder traces.

— one - twice a day I come on raskopy, I look, that that`s OK was, — Sergey Ljutov tells. — AOTS I C that the day before at night someone has visited on raskope and then the rain strong was, therefore anybody and did not C them. I look further: someone has dug out an altar and has dumped a plate on a floor, paternal that has broken up on two parts.

— Apparently, " black kopatelej " the altar, more correctly, a secret ambry which was behind an altar plate &mdash interested; esharom, — Dmitry Karpov, the representative of noncommercial fund " SPK; Archeology " financing WRK of archaeological expedition. — but we right at the beginning surveyed eshar and anything there have not found — Greeks enough organizovanno have left the city and have carried away W itself all valuable subjects. Then predators also have dumped an altar plate on a floor and have broken it, than have caused to a monument an irreparable loss. 2 in all territory raskopa poles - " have been found out; zakopushki " it is an obvious sign of WRK of fans metallopoiska. But us most of all amazes not that vandals, and how local authorities bodies react to our requests for the help have made.

under the statement of archeologists in local branch of police criminal case under item 243 p.1 the criminal code of Russian Federation " has been brought; Destruction or damage of monuments of history and culture ". But business then has been silently closed. Here the official answer signed by the chief of department of the information and public relations GU the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia across Krasnodar territory by Igor Zheljabinym: " Within the limits of criminal case investigation were spent operatively - the search actions directed on an establishment of the person, involved in fulfilment of the given crime. The actions directed on working off of persons, before the offenders were carried out, able to be involved in fulfilment of the given crime, the persons who are engaged in searches of historical values in territory of service 2 were fulfilled. During ORM to establish the person, involved in fulfilment of the given crime, it was not presented possible. Now criminal case on the given fact is suspended ". A leah

it is necessary to be surprised that after that " black kopateli " Have come on raskop once again when there NO1 from scientists was not (apparently, predators are fine informed on the schedule to WRK of archaeological expedition).

— the altar of a sanctuary of Demetry has been AGN broken and the temple territory, &mdash is dug over; Dmitry Karpov SPK. — Besides, " black archeologists " have destroyed stone vymostku the road conducting 2 the main altar, having disturbed an occupation layer. The actions they have destroyed including all traces of last immolation which as it is possible to assume, has been arranged by the Greeks leaving this city. And, apparently, Greeks left slowly, thoroughly: they have disassembled EVN a roof and temple walls then accurately to restore it in other place. Only here an altar did not begin to touch — probably, protected 4 last immolation. A leah but so it — we of it already never learn, CUZ the occupation layer varvarski has been destroyed.

This time in police branch at all did not begin to accept the statement from scientists. Igor Zheljabin explains: " During check on the given fact the decision on refusal in criminal case excitation in connection with absence of event of a crime as at survey of damages of an altar it was revealed not " was accepted;.

Here and so: time the policeman has told that there are no damages, means, no.

Ordinary barbarity

— So the most favorable atmosphere 4 attacks of predators is created and is simple vandals, — Tatyana Dadykina, the director of noncommercial fund " SPK; Archeology ". — Employees of expedition were many times converted into law enforcement bodies W the request to establish protection of monuments, but any real actions and have not waited. Moreover, one of police officers EVN directly to us has told what to protect the dug out monuments — this business of archeologists. Also has declared that ourselves bear fault for all attacks, and thus that they have made nothing it to find " black kopatelej ". A leah

it is necessary to be surprised to that soon the temple on a broader scale has been destroyed by the barbarians who have become impudent from impunity.

— this year the temple complex of Demetry has undergone unknown before to attack of modern vandals, — Dmitry Karpov tells. — all previous attacks have been connected W " black kopateljami " and irresponsible amateur tourists from those whom it is accepted to name " wild ". But never before actions of destroyers were senseless. Yes, they were criminal, but always realised, dictated by thirst of an easy money. And here for the first time the rests of the temple complex which does not have on an antiquity and safeties of analogues in all Northern Black Sea Coast, have faced wild, unmotivated destructive cruelty. Almost for certain it is possible to tell that it were teenagers, and, local, from Anapsky or the next areas of Krasnodar territory. Most likely, warmed up by alcohol. They did not search neither treasures, nor souvenirs. They simply destroyed over what potrjasenno many hundreds people who in time already to visit this archaeological monument faded, admiring scientists - antichnikov across all Europe, but and not managed to draw ATTN of local officials from culture, in whose forces would be to protect it.

as appears from the certificate made on a scene of crime by archeologists, vandals have dumped from the places and have turned all (!!!) AVG both large stones and the blocks, constructions entering into designs and constructions. Stones vymostki roads are turned out completely, and all artefacts are scattered by circle on territory.

but in police of scientists have not wanted to listen and accept the statement upon the destructions caused by vandals have refused — there are affairs and it is more important.

palaces — on sheds

Such relation to archeologists becomes recently usual. For example, while unknown barbarians destroyed a temple at farm the Bulletin, the assistant to the head of municipal union M.A.Dimitrenko`s city of Anapa has ordered to fall asleep sand and to fill in with concrete other unique monument — remains of the antique city of Gorgippija. On a place of the Greek policy should be set up typical stela " Anapa — a city of military glory ". The official has not confused that such decisions are accepted only after the coordination with Protection department, restoration and operation istoriko - cultural values (legacy) of Krasnodar territory. The contribution is brought also by businessmen who should stop each time building if they find remains of the ancient bases in a foundation ditch. But consultation of scientists — it is dead time 4 the company, therefore construction superintendents silently destroy history monuments. Now from Gorgippii there was only tiny quarter fenced with a fence for which never start up tourists.

and, of course, nobody is going to spend forces for search " black archeologists " which in increasing frequency represent as the harmless fans of history digging there where at an official science hands do not reach.

— the wave brakonerskih excavation has in the true sense of the word overflowed Russia, — has declared at recent meeting on struggle W " Black archeology " Nikolay Makarov, the director of Institute of archeology of the Russian Academy of Sciences. — barbarous extraction of antiquities has turned to is Gud organised profitable craft in which hundreds people are involved. Now we have the data on manufacture of illegal excavation in territory of 36 subjects of the Russian Federation from the Kaliningrad region in the west B4 Primorski Territory in the east. Scythian barrows of the South of Russia and an Iron Age site of ancient settlement in Verhnevolzhe, the Finnish burial grounds of Prikamye and antique crypts of Black Sea Coast became objects of unapproved excavation.

for example, on a site of ancient settlement Old Ryazan, ancient capital of the Ryazan princedom, goes hunting behind treasures of ornaments and the separate medieval things which have remained on the ashes of the burnt city after a capture by its Mongols. On Beloozere — a far advanced post of Old Russian colonisation of Severo - the East — starateli annually rummage the occupation layer which has saved among other things the lead press XI - XIII centuries, there is no time the fastening white papers which were issued by princely and church administration.

the catastrophic situation has developed on the Gnezdovsky archaeological complex near Smolensk — the rests trading - craft settlements IX - and the largest in the Eastern Europe kurgannyj a burial ground here settle down X centuries, totaling there is no time about 4000 barrows. From - that Scandinavian ornaments often met here and the weapon are in great demand in the market of antiquities, " black kopateli " conduct here excavation of barrows " under a pulling down " — by means of dredges. As a result, as researchers consider, the quantity of medieval artefacts from Gnezdova, thrown out on the market during the last years, is comparable to all museum collection collected for 130 years of scientific excavation.

the Same situation and in Moscow suburbs where marauders have plundered already over 20 percent Old Russian kurgannyh burial grounds XI - XIII centuries — so-called vjaticheskih barrows. In a steppe zone of Krasnodar territory illegal immigrants take down multimeter kurgannye embankments, and in Mordovia on the Kelgininsky burial ground unknown criminals by means of digging technics have practically shovelled a ground on the area over 5 thousand square metres, having destroyed everything that did not represent 4 them commercial value.

— to estimate the sizes of a damage from " black archeologists " in roubles or dollars it is impossible, — Nikolay Makarov, &mdash is assured; as 4 a science the main loss — loss of knowledge of the past, loss of the information which cannot be restored. After all the Roman coins found on Danube and on the Top Volga, 4 the antiquary have identical cost, but 4 the archeologist one of them — The usual certificate of monetary circulation in the Roman provinces, the second — unique reflexion of distant trading contacts. Extortionate excavation Destroy possibility of reception of new historical knowledge. After them there is a heap bespasportnyh ancient things, a place and which circumstances of detection are unknown, and " cleared " from finds of settlement and the burial grounds, which research any more will not open a past picture.