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In the Moscow museum of the modern art the exhibition of young artists from China

In China has opened 70 % from total number of copies of works of art &mdash, according to the experts, are made; from " Mony Lizy " B4 Andy Warhol. Millions Chineses paint in oils carefully licked remarks of the well-known WRK on a canvas. Besides, on one of hundreds sites you can reserve any copy not from the catalogue. A word combination " the cultural industry " which only - the Russian officials only have learnt to look more attractive in the opinion of a creative class, with reference to China it is necessary to take literally. ability instantly to respond to NE needs of the client is one of the main signs of the modern art of China. At an exhibition " New directions: young art of China " in MMSI it is obvious that any national art scene in the world so diligently does not work being pleasant. Still — a competition improbable, you will reduce rate and it will appear in shop where copy Repin! For the sake of justice it is necessary to notice that in China grandiose home market which domestic galeristy often hold up as an example to the Russian society. Names of local collectors not on hearing, but it is a lot of them, and to the artist, though something outstanding, more comfortably, than at us.

the Chinese WRK not simply qualitative — artists as though mix with a palette analogues aromatizatorov and eating dyes: in the most difficult 4 understanding things you will be hooked all the same by a pleasant shade of coffee W milk or the memoirs on the first glass of the American ice-cream will emerge. It would be possible to explain persuasive appeal of WRK to that the exhibition opens with support of the Chinese government. AAM EVN disgraced Ah Vejvej did and does things defiantly the pop. Its main WRK — Billions sunflower seeds of the sunflower, created in hundreds umeltsev from porcelain, — gives to the happy owner indelible tactile sensations. Ah Vejveju as to the dissident is allowed to be to the western measures not politically correct. That there is at least its photo W the five of girls topless — NE other artist would tear to pieces for a sexism. As in America nobody gnobit rappers that they humiliate women and are anthemed by drugs, — to the contrary, special mission is assigned to them: consumer society demonstration in him a cynical and primitive kind.

however, traces of the state selection at an exhibition all - taki are looked through. At least that any policy and Chinese sots - arta here is not visible. Probably, new generation is not anxious by such questions, though hardly: as well as in Russia, in China the ideology and a political originality remain the major receptions, allowing to create export art. On " New directions " All silently and peacefully. The first WRK — a print of Gu Benchi " the Flower of plum N7 " — sets the fashion. White plum here grows on branches, as though collected of metal details. The cyberpunk on the basis of traditional painting has arisen, of course, not in China, but secondary WRK ideally looks: automatically you begin primerivat it 4 any interior. On " New generation " it would be necessary to drive graduates of our art high schools to show possibilities usually hidden from them to do art of today, but W a commercial lustre. And that who holds up the Chinese market as an example, it would be desirable to notice: Russian orientation to eternity ignores veshchnost. Will be such quality of a thing in the market — there will be also a market.