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The Serbian tennis player has won total tournament of season ATP

Novak Dzhokovich became the winner of total tournament of the season which has come to the end this night in LDN. In the ending of competitions the Serb has beaten Roger Federera in two very uneasy sets - 7:6, 7:5 - and has RCVed greatest possible prize-winning - $1,76 million Novak Dzhokovich and Roger Federer have approached To a final, confidently having passed a tournament distance. However, the way of the Serb was more difficult: it had to find time and again any additional reserves to break resistance of the opponent. Federer has passed more equal tournament way, having managed to provide ahead of schedule to itself a place in play - off. It could transform it on a broader scale in almost ideally smooth if in the ending itself did not miss the chances.

and Federera, and almost NE that have taken place last years, it is possible to bring Protivostojanie Dzhokovicha in tennis directories as close to the reference. Did not become an exception and the London MTG (by the way, in 43 - a summer history of total tournaments of a season it was only the fourth case when in the ending the first and second numbers of rating ATP have converged). The match beginning has passed from dictation of Federera who as has then noticed Dzhokovich, played as much as possible aggressively. "And I - that know, that it is necessary to constrain Roger when attacking game at it goes", - the Serb has noted.

game at Federera really went, and he has QIK moved in a starting set, having in a stock a break." I usually try to convince myself of such situations that I will manage to stand, break a MTG course. Usually it turns out. Left and 2DAY ", - Dzhokovich to whom, despite resistance of Federera, it was possible to even up scores, drag a set on has told thaw - a break and in this lottery it to appear more successful.

in the second party Federer AGN was first closer to success: it conducted - 5:3. Hook it on the second set - and who knows, probably, Dzhokovicha would not have not enough forces on an ending. But the Serb has AGN shown the combativity and, having given out simply magnificent game, has pulled out victory." Those MOM when necessary add, it was possible to me ", - has explained after Dzhokovich who has RCVed $1,76 million for the success" On a broader scale, more successful ending of a season also you will not think up. The beginning of year was excellent: I have won Australian Open, but then Roger, Andy Marrej, Raphael Nadal left on the foreground. But at first I have returned myself a rank of the first racket of the world, and now and have won this tournament ", - Dzhokovich has told.

That B4 Federera it has reminded, as at it the season has developed very not bad - victories on Wimbledon and to the Olympic Games of much stand." But to win, it is necessary to be able to cross finishing line. Here it also has not sufficed 2DAY me ", - has noted 17 - the multiple winner of tournaments of the Grand Slam.