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VEF has relieved " Zhalgiris " from zero in the column " defeats "

In the end of the next week of the championship of Uniform league VTB the main sensation of tournament has burst, perhaps. The leader of group B, Lithuanian " Zhalgiris " has suffered the first defeat, having conceded modest Latvian VEFu — 72:77. This misfire has there and then used CSKA, overtaken for the competitor after convincing victory over " Nimburkom " — 84:75. And yesterday one of basic MTGs of group A, in which " has taken place; Khimki " have broken the UNIX — 85:74. the First defeat " Zhalgiris " in the championship of Uniform league VTB has instantly turned to one of the focal points of start of tournament. Otherwise also could not be: the become stronger Lithuanian grandee in a new season looked almost impregnable command. And a victorious series " Zhalgiris " it was not settled by Uniform league VTB where he was in time " to put " The main competitor — the operating owner of a trophy of CSKA. Lithuanians go W/ O failures and in more status competition — to Euroleague, having won all five matches. Therefore defeat from not sufficing stars from sky VEFa has called so wide resonance.

Latvians it is surprisingly tenacious kept for the favourite throughout all match, without allowing " to Zhalgiris " to escape FWD and as a result have dragged Lithuanians in the extremely intense ending. The mad spirit has allowed rizhanam to take away in a solving quarter already eight selections on another`s board that has predetermined MTG exod. Veteran Donatas Zavatskas who has typed 17 points, and 30 seconds prior to a siren broken 2 a ring W a solving throw was ESP Gud.

in Uniform league VTB, however, hardly probable were upset from - for misfires of the grandee. Heads of league like to SPK about beskompromissnost and unpredictability of the project, so 4 them defeat " Zhalgiris " For certain became the same pleasant event, as start of the special channel " Uniform league of TV " where it is possible to look at pass of Zavatskasa from several foreshortenings. Besides loss of Lithuanians has aggravated struggle for the first place in to group B. Now " Zhalgiris " cannot be considered as its individual leader any more: with it has caught up with CSKA which have convincingly changed Czech " Nimburk " — 84:75.

And here in to group A there is a command which is not knowing defeats. It " Spartak " not losing already five matches successively. Petersburgers have removed last scalp W " Azovmasha " (81:76): Ukrainians were not alone broken off hardly probable by the Greek forward " Spartaka " Lukas Mavrokefalidis which have typed 30 points, made ten selections and given five transfers.

however the most interesting struggle is developed behind the back " Spartaka ". Yesterday persecutors of the leader — the UNIX and " Khimki " — fought among themselves. This MTG was from among that will go to offset of the truncated championship of Russia so, and the limit on legionaries (three on a platform) was saved. The best selection of basketball players W the Russian passport was one of advantages " himok " last Friday beaten in Euroleague itself " a Panatinaikos ". The UNIX has been urged to involve that inert Peter Samojlenko it is far not Alexander Dedushkina`s the best CTR, not skilled Paul Sergeeva, while " Khimki " having players of Russian national team, it is painless rotirovali structure.

B4 the big break inhabitants of Khimki managed the impressing leap which has allowed them to come off the rival on 11 points, — 41:30. As leaders in the command of Rimasa Kurtinajtisa have acted forward James Ogastin who typed nine points and has provided " himkam " Domination under boards, centre Kreshimir Lonchar and surprisingly useful Zoran Planinich.

the UNIX on a broader scale - that in Uniform league VTB is famous for protection: on the average citizens of Kazan pass only 60 points for a match. However yesterday this mark basketball players " himok " have effortlessly overcome for three minutes and twenty seconds till the end of the third quarter. By this MOM the UNIX hardly naskreb 40 points and almost did not submit life signs. Citizens of Kazan, of course, were not gave on favour of the winner and EVN have reduced rupture in the bill, but advantage " himok " it was too great — 85:74.