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Moscow - capital of the Russian Federation, a city of federal value, an administrative centre of the Central federal district and the CTR of Moscow Region into which structure does not enter. The city of Russia largest on population (the population for January, 1st, 2012 - 11 612 943 persons; in new borders - about 11,8 million persons), the most occupy from the cities completely located in Europe, enters into first ten cities of the world on population. The CTR of the Moscow city agglomeration. historical capital of Grand duchy of the Moscow, Russian kingdom, the Russian empire (in 1728-1730), the Soviet Russia and the USSR. A hero town. In Moscow there are federal public authorities of the Russian Federation (except for the Constitutional court), embassies of the foreign states, a staff - apartments of the majority of the largest Russian commercial organisations and public associations. Magazine Foreign Policy puts Moscow in 2010 on 25 place of the global cities bringing the considerable contribution to development of a world civilisation. In a city the local government system is organised.

it is located on the river Moscow in the CTR East - the European plain, in mezhdureche Oka and Volga. As the subject of federation Moscow borders on the Moscow and Kaluga areas.

Moscow - the important tourist CTR of Russia; the Moscow Kremlin, Red Square, Novodevichy Convent and Ascension Church in Kolomna is included into the list of the World legacy of UNESCO. It is 2 the major transport site. The city is served by 5 airports, 9 railway stations, 3 river ports (there is a river MSG W the seas of pools of the Atlantic and Arctic oceans). Since 1935 in Moscow the underground works.

economy of Moscow - the largest economy among subjects of the Russian Federation on volume of a total regional product (2008). The volume of a total regional product of Moscow in 2008 has made 8,44 trln roubles.

at present Moscow - the largest, in nation-wide scale, the financial CTR and a command control centre the national economy most part. So for example, in Moscow than half of banks registered in the country are concentrated more. Besides the most part of the largest companies are registered and have the central offices in Moscow though their manufacture can settle down completely for thousand kilometres from capital.

magazine " finans " so estimated economy of Moscow in 2007ă:

... In capital economy an enormous warp towards trade: on it it is necessary more than 40 % of the created added cost.... It would seem, the statistics specifies in independence of capital region of extracting sector. AAM it only illusion: The basic volume in trade is necessary on wholesale, from which, in turn, almost to two third - sale of production of an oil and gas complex. The capital budget 2 in very high degree depends on raw branches. The profit tax is almost 40 % of its profitable part, and approximately the fifth part of receipts under this article is necessary on "Gazprom". That fact that the majority of the largest companies of Russia are registered in Moscow and taxes in its treasury pay, does its budget is unique rich to the Russian measures ".

Besides is a large CTR of mechanical engineering, including power mechanical engineering, stanko - sudo - instrument making; black and nonferrous metallurgy (manufacture of aluminium alloys), the chemical, EZ, polygraphic industry. But last years there is a process of carrying over of manufactures for limits of Moscow.

the turn of retail trade in 2006 has made 1817,8 mlrd rub, volume of paid services to the population - 696,3 mlrd rbl.

Under forecast PricewaterhouseCoopers, in 2020 Moscow will occupy 23 - e a place among the largest city economy of the world - its total regional product will make $325 billion Economic growth for the period till 2020 is predicted at level of 4 %, the income per capita will grow about $17 thousand B4$29,8 thousand at par purchasing capacity (4 comparison - in 2020 the income is per capita predicted: the Dignity - Frantsisko - $91,1 thousand, LDN - $82,3 thousand, New York - $76,9 thousand, Madrid - $49 thousand, Tokyo - $45,1 thousand, Istanbul - $24,3 thousand).

According to research "the Prices and incomes» UBS (Switzerland) (2010): on a price level on a basket from 122 products and services Moscow occupies 44 - e a place among big cities of the world or 65,8 % from level of New York, on level of incomes - 42 place or 30,5 % from level of incomes in New York, on purchasing capacity level the Russian capital is on 39 place in the world.