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Lionel the Messiah has threatened on Gerd Muller`s record on its bill already 76 goals during the current year

Dubl Lionelja Messi has brought Eurofootball of Spain in the lead in the championship " to Barcelona " victory over " Malorkoj " — 4:2, and the Argentinean has approached to Gerd Muller`s record by quantity of the goals hammered within calendar year. In the Italian superiority " Inter " has torn off the victorious series, having conceded — 2:3 — " Atalante " and having lagged behind from " Juventus ". And English " Chelsea " having drawn — 1:1 — W " Liverpool " has a little released from itself " Manchester United " and " Manchester of City ".

the Championship of Spain

" Barcelona " in this tour has gained next — the tenth in 11 matches — victory in the championship. And, once again having achieved positive result this autumn, has shown that defence at it in this season so-so. " Malorka " not the productive Spanish team most, to put it mildly, losing on the home field — 0:3, in the beginning of the second time has hammered within three minutes in two goals into Barcelonian gate. Of a nervous ending of leaders has relieved Lionel the Messiah who has established a definitive bill — 4:2. It was its second goal in a match and 76 - j from the beginning of year if to take all games — both for club, and for a national team.

figure BTW almost sign. Thanks to this double of Lionel the Messiah has surpassed an indicator of Pele — in 1958 on the bill of the great Brazilian there were 75 goals. Ahead the Messiah, thus, remained only one football player — a German legend Gerd Muller. Muller in 1972 has caused a stir in matches for " Bavaria " and a national team of 85 times. The Argentinean, thus, has possibility to block its record.

" real " on Sunday has led uneasier match on departure W " Levant ". In the first time W it there was a serious trouble. On the first minutes Krishtianu Ronaldu has earned a section over an eye in struggle against David Navarro. Like it it would endure, EVN has deduced madridtsev FWD. But after a break of Ronaldu in the field has not appeared — damage has appeared serious enough.

and game has meanwhile gone opened — the MOM arose at both gate. And the football player " Levant " the Anhel Rodriguez used. And soon to the Madrid fans the occasion has dropped out to worry concerning absence of Ronaldu. " Real " have awarded a penalty — and instead of its Portuguese executed Habi Alonso. It has punched directly in goalkeeper Gustavo Munua.

" Real " all - taki has got out. And the young reservist Alvaro Morata became its protagonist this evening, which Jose Mourinho has let out in the field to rectify errors of veterans. Morata them has corrected, a head having forwarded to a grid Habi Alonso`s giving from the standard.

" real " has reserved the third line in standings and vosmiochkovoe backlog from " Barcelonas ". On the second, in five points ahead of it, settles down " Atletiko " which has got the best over " Hetafe " — 2:0.

the Championship of Italy

Crushed — 6:1 — " Pescara " the leader " Juventus " in this tour has RCVed an unexpected gift from the nearest persecutor. " Inter " before weekend had in an active desjatimatchevuju a victorious series and a prize at turintsev one week ago. And there was it on departure W " Atalantoj " which looks not bad, but basically on rovnju to grandees does not pull. " Inter " To it has conceded.

it has badly begun, having passed a QIK goal. Then, after " Atalantu " has some times rescued the goalkeeper of Andrea Konsili ready to a match is more tremendous, balance has restored, but in the second time has overslept explosion of owners: Herman Denis has hammered in one goal from the game, the second — from a penalty. Closely to them milantsy have come nearer already at the very end of game — the ball of Rodrigo Palasio to leave from defeat by it has not allowed. And positions " Juventus " after it again have found former durability: a distance between it and " Interom " has returned 2 a mark four points.

" Milan " the rival " Zenith " in League of champions, the unsuccessful match has AGN played. " a Fiorentina " on an extent bolshej parts of the MTG won by Florentines — 3:1, looked much more interesting than rivals. The bases to complain about bad luck at milantsev, from last 12 matches lost exactly half and located outside of a top - tens, are reduced, perhaps, only 2 Aleshandre not realised in the first time to a penalty Stalemate. But it is the bases not too weighty. On degree of a sharpness at another`s gate " a Fiorentina " taking the fourth place (the third keeps " Napoli ") Them has surpassed.

Manchester clubs In the lead in English superiority have led the championship of England in these target fascinating matches which have visited on a hair from points loss. " Manchester United " has got to a critical situation in a MTG W " Aston the Country house ". In five minutes after the beginning of the second time it burnt — 0:2, also it was already possible to assume that after the termination of a match by a hit of telereviews there will be Andreas Vajmann who has hammered in both Birmingham goal. But Javier Ernandes became them thrown by trainer Alex Ferguson in fight after a break.

During remained time the Mexican forward has caused a stir twice. And in one more goal has taken a hand: the ball has flown in gate after blow of the Mexican by a ricochet from the defender " Aston Country houses " Rhone Flara who in the report also remained its author.

" Manchester of City " lagging behind neighbours on two points, has recouped in a match W " Tottenhemom " W 0:1. And it is possible EVN to name its success ordinary event. Strong-willed victories have turned in this season to the club logo: Sunday, extracted naked Edina Dzheko for two minutes before the expiration of basic time, was 4 it already the fourth.

" Chelsea " unlike two other applicants for the gold, happy exod of the match cannot be. Londoners have drawn on the home field W " Liverpool " (1:1), conducting, but having gaped in the middle of the second time in penal Luis Suaresa. And in addition had personnel loss — extremely insulting.

in a match W " Liverpool " there was a returning in the London structure of leading central defender John Terri which has left disqualification for the reviling of racist character. And all went to that it leaves triumphal. After all it is Terri has opened the bill, having jumped out on giving from angular Juan Maty.

but it is literally through a quarter of hour there was a misfortune. Terri has faced Suaresom, has awkwardly fallen — and it, W a bandage on the injured right knee, have carried away on a stretcher from a lawn. Apparently, " Chelsea " (a distance from " Manchester United " — three points) AGN it is necessary to do without a key figure in defence.

the championship of Germany

In the central match of tour " Bavaria " convincingly — 2:0 — has changed some time going W it level with on standings top " Ajntraht ". Its victory has done good " SHalke ". Gelzenkirhentsy, beaten — 2:1 — " the Werder " have come off on three points from taking the third place " Ajntrahta ". From " Bavaria " they are separated by seven points.