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The football fan accuse of beating of the Kazan policeman

In Vahitovsky regional court of Kazan criminal case concerning the football fan from Vladimir Kurihina`s Moscow suburbs is passed. Under the version of the investigation, it has beaten the policeman, that that has not started up it on one of passing in tatarstanskoj to capital of football matches. Mister Kurihin the fault completely recognised. Elvira Gazizova yesterday has informed on transfer of business to court the assistant administrator of investigatory management (SOU) SKR across Tatarstan. As she said, 27 - accusation under two articles of the criminal code of Russian Federation is brought to the summer inhabitant of the city of Mytischi situated near Moscow Vladimir Kurihinu: 318 (application of violence concerning the representative of the power) and 319 (the reviling of the representative of the power). Only on the first to it threatens till six years of a colony. As considers a consequence, mister Kurihin suited FU during the past recently in Kazan a football match between the local command "Ruby" and the Serbian football club "Guerrilla" (it is based in 1945, enters into sports association of Serbia) from Belgrad. As a result of its actions, SPK in the SOU, the policeman has suffered.

mister Kurihin having AVG vocational education, is the curator spetsproektov in one of the Moscow companies working in sphere of a car business. It has arrived to Kazan together with the friends - contemporaries. For which command young men intended to be ill, in the SOU do not SPK. According to some information, mister Kurihin prefers "Guerrilla". It is known that fans of this club have established the brotherly connexion W fans of Moscow CSKA. The match passed at the Central stadium of Kazan within the limits of a group stage of League of Europe. Then citizens of Kazan have won victory over Serbs with the bill 2:0. Under the version of the investigation, mister Kurihin and more five persons have tried to pass on stadium, however have been stopped on an input by policemen. According to the SOU, an occasion was that "Kurihin was in an alcohol intoxication and was expressed by obscene abuse". Guards have declared that it cannot be present at such status on a match and have asked it to leave. In the answer as considers a consequence, the young man has punched one of policemen in an eye, then has put it a kick. Then, as they say in the SOU MSG, "voicing to the employee of law-enforcement bodies obscene words, has broken an epaulet from its uniform pea jacket". As a result the police officer which name is not called, has RCVed bruises and grazes. The brawler on a match and has not got - it have braided and delivered in one of police departments.

in investigatory department of the SOU on Vahitovsky area of Kazan concerning mister Kurihina have filed criminal charges. To arrest him did not become, taking a subscription ABT nevyezde and obligation to come from the Mytischi on all investigatory actions.

yesterday to learn a position of mister Kurihina it was not possible - the name of its lawyer yet is not informed. According to madam Gazizovoj, during investigation accused the fault recognised.