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Hunts - Mansijsk has accepted the strongest shahmatistok

On Monday in Hunts - Mansijske started the World championship on chess among women. 64 strongest take part in it shahmatistki, including 12 Russians. unlike the men playing long matches, women play a rank of the world champion in tournament on so-called a knockout - system. In five rounds - W 1/ 32 and 1/ 2 endings - ANY1 match on vybyvanie will consist of two parties W classical time supervision. In case of nobody`s the winner will define thaw - a break in QIK chess and a blitz. In the ending of the competitor four classical parties will play.

in Hunts - Mansijsk have arrived all strongest grand masters of the world. Proceeding from a rating, it is necessary to consider as superiority favourites Hampi Koneru heading it from India, and also the operating owner of a champion rank of Hou Ifan a bit conceding to it from China.

In number of pretenders to success, certainly, enter also Russian shahmatistki (Russian national team has won the World chess Olympic Games). The Most known among them are Alexander Kostenjuk, Valentine Gunina, Svetlana Matveeva, Hope and Tatyana Kosintsevy, Natalia Pogonina, Alisa Galljamova.

This tournament which will take place in constructed under the project of Dutch architect Eric van Egerata a building of Chess academy, Hunts - Mansijsk will assign to itself the status of the applicant for an informal rank of chess capital of the world. Strangely enough, but in the Siberian city the density topovyh events in this sport is high as anywhere. In Hunts - Mansijske for last seven years has taken place already four World Cups, in 2010 here there have passed the World chess Olympic Games. Besides it it is necessary to notice that in Hunts - mansijskom autonomous region the program "Chess at schools" (to it it is captured already more than 42 educational institutions) operates. And before opening of the World championship Natalia Komarova, governor HMAO, has reminded that in region territory openly 42 Internet - the CTR of chess skill and "at ANY1 jugorchanina is possibility to join game". "10 international grand masters and 12 international masters constantly work For us in district, - she has added. - all it not only for the sake of achievements in sport. It is already proved that chess develops our children, does is more competitive and simply more adapted for a life to come". And carrying out in world championship region, according to Natalia Komarovoj, will contribute in "increase of its investment and tourist appeal".