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Vladimir Klichko has set to dimensions. Mariush Vakh by miracle has resisted B4 a final gong.

Vladimir Klichko has once again protected titles of the world champion belonging to it in a super heavyweight under versions of the World boxing association (WBA), the International boxing federation (IBF) and the World boxing organisation (WBO). Confronting the Ukrainian on Saturday in Hamburg the Polish giant Mariush Vakh has shown a surprising strong hold of a chin. Having passed almost three hundreds blows, losing a round behind a round, Vakh could hold on on a ring B4 a final gong and suffer " honourable " defeat on points. In following fight of Klichko, apparently, will deal with less dimensional, but much more class, than the Pole, the rival. The main candidates on a match W it are Russians Alexander Povetkin and Denis Bojtsov. from the point of view of a formal result in this fight there was nothing extraordinary. Vladimir Klichko who owns three champion belts from four (the fourth, the World boxing advice, belongs to his brother Vitaly), which in all informal ratings, including the most authoritative — editions The Ring, costs above all supertjazhej, in 13 - j consecutive time has protected the rank of the best extracted still in 2006. And AGN, protecting it, has shown clear superiority over the applicant. The superiority absolutely corresponding predmatchevomu to a deal in which the probability of success of Mariusha of Vakh was equated to probability of that late at night on Saturday will bring down Baltic sea to Hamburg of a tsunami.

but this fight all the same it is necessary to consider as event curious. In it both rivals could surprise. Mariush Vakh — that dostojal B4 a final gong. For last four years from all boxers who could meet Vladimir Klichko, the knockout was avoided by one David Hej. But Heja, unlike the Pole who never before was not fighting with boxers not those that from a rating top, EVN from approaches 2 it, had an enormous experience topovyh fights. Plus an unconditional class. Plus, apparently, in a last year`s match W it Klichko not ESP also aspired to a knockout: strategy assumed confident victory on points.

Vakh, strictly speaking, W a class had a misfortune. Trainers can quite use record of its duel as the manual. For example, to show that such bad protection: when hands like also are highly lifted upwards, but through all of them time another`s blows when instead of being engaged in searches " filter; the " distances, the fighter all time rises on that that is convenient to its rival. And the channel in which this match developed, so obviously conducted 2 a knockout that on it it was necessary to put, already since a starting round. In it Vakh " has gorged on " So that the impression could be made that it it will be difficult to force to leave on following.

moreover, it did not vanish and further. All rounds of this fight can be divided, perhaps, into three categories: simply difficult 4 Vakh, very difficult and badly the difficult. In all it passed much. System CompuBox which conducts calculation of hits, has fixed amazing figures. From 693 blows which have been thrown out by Klichko, the purposes have reached 274 (against only 60 at the applicant). And basically it there were weighty blows. Sometimes such after which it is EZ to present the boxer, them " eaten " falling a back on a floor and lying W/ O consciousness. Mariush Vakh in their any image " digested " also did not fall. And its chin in classification of chins in modern boxing on their strong hold, exist such, it would be lifted after that fight on its top line.

Vladimir Klichko, without having achieved preschedule victory assumed by a plot, too, however, has surprised which - than pleasant. Two circumstances after all promised it problems. The first — these are dimensions of Vakh: the Ukrainian almost in life has faced for the first time the boxer in all senses more largely — both a little above, and it is a little heavier. The second — death for two weeks before fight of Emanuelja of the Steward which 4 Klichko, probably, meant more than the usual trainer. The mentor, the trainer — here suitable words to describe a role of the Steward.

meanwhile Vladimir Klichko AAM has not tested any problems. On the contrary, W Vakh, appear, it was more EZ to it to understand, than W opponents, whose head was at level of shoulders of the Ukrainian. Right it has included in the first round. A shock arsenal, which at Klichko, as a rule, enough avaricious — suffices dzheba and rare straight lines on the right, this time admired with a variety: Here were both direct, and lateral, and from both hands, both towards, and after, on jump. Performed by Klichko public did not C so interesting boxing for a long time already. And unique, but bright " flash " Vakh which in an ending of the fifth round has caught its most powerful right and has rigidly processed at ropes, the Ukrainian has endured, though the Steward to prompt, as it to make, in its corner was not.

B4 the announcement of result of an intrigue did not exist any more: it was clear that a prize to Vladimir Klichko will give W the devastating bill (on two notes appeared 120:107, on the third — 119:109). The intrigue is saved in a question W the future rival of the Ukrainian. In competitors in struggle for the right to fight with it two yet not losing Russian boxer — a having title of champion WBA (at Klichko the status of the superchampion of the organisation) Alexander Povetkin and the first number WBO Denis Bojtsov. As to Povetkina its fight W Klichko arose for a long time, and WBA already declared that it should take place till next year. The candidate status has got fighters one of these days: the head of promotion company Universum Valdemar Kljuh on the eve of show in Hamburg has informed that already exists " the concrete arrangement " that it tjazh will meet the Ukrainian. Klichko has only CFMed that does not exclude a match neither W Bojtsovym, nor W Povetkinym, having promised to be defined W the rival during the nearest two - three weeks.