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Protagonists of the Moscow stage of a steel of Tessa Virtju and Scott Mojr

Four awards — gold and silver in pair figure skating, and also silver and bronze in dances — the Russian figure skaters at the fourth stage of a series of Gran - have won at, the Cup " Rostelecom " on ice capital " Megasports ". Sports pair Tatyana Volosozhar — Maxim Trankov, defeated at two stages of a series — in the USA and in Russia, has reached the final, which will pass in Sochi in the Olympic palace of sports " the Iceberg ". Against astable and, frankly speaking, frequently sad performances of the majority of participants of tournament the Canadian figure skaters favourably contrasted. Double world champion Patrick Chan and the Olympic champions in dances of Tessa Virtju — Scott Mojr have presented amazingly original programs, faultlessly having executed which, they have not left to rivals uniform chance EVN to come nearer to itself. So, the second prize-winner Japanese Takahiko Kodzuka on the sum of two programs has lagged behind Patrick Chana on 32 points, and won silver Elena Ilinyh and Nikita Katsalapov, in essence debuting in a season, have conceded to Canadians more than fifteen. Heavy of - for hardly probable not a general case of figure skaters the show aggravated music underneath. As if having agreed, the majority has chosen difficult music 4 perception. And hand-wringing and potrjasanie fists under violins and timpani in a situation when the sportsmen who adequately are not owning technics, were continually spread on ice, looked karikaturno.

have not avoided failures and our leaders. So, Tatyana Volosozhar — Maxim Trankov in the strong any program of memory of victims of tragedy in Japan in which the difficult elements execute in the second part against already collected weariness, have admitted two falling and failure of a parallel jump. Making comments on an incident, the trainer Nina Mozer has promised that 2 the ending of Gran - at both programs — short in which the pair was mistaken in the USA, and any in which it was comprehended by failure in Moscow, she will try to bring to perfection. Here the partners restored after a trauma prize-winners of the European championship in Vera Bazarova pair figure skating &mdash rather organically looked; Yury Larionov. Exactly having executed both compositions, for which figure skaters from Saransk have RCVed the second estimations, they have deservedly won silver.

ridiculous falling of the partner has greased impression and of Elena Ilinyh and Nikita Katsalapova`s any dance. And though the duet, certainly, has made a step forward, to relax to it it is impossible. After all on heels to our leaders already there come yesterday`s juniors — become in Moscow the third Victoria Sinitsyn — Ruslan Zhiganshin and Xenia Monko — Cyril Haljavin (the sixth place). As well as in last season, has surprised the silver prize-winner of the World championship of Alain Leonov: Both absolutely new image, and interesting — rare here a case — statements. It is a pity, execution any has pumped up.

Adelina Sotnikova, to the contrary, has discouraged. After the short program the figure skater from - for failure threefold flipa became a heel, and in any from jumps it has fallen three times. Nevertheless Elena Bujanovoj`s pupil managed to save a total fifth position and EVN to outstrip Alena Leonov who has become sixth. And here the bronze prize-winner of the World championship of last year and the silver prize-winner of the European championship of this year Arthur Gachinsky has, seemingly, become unstuck definitively. At it who have become here only seventh, by the end of performances " swell up feet ". Usually garrulous professor Alexey Mishin has refrained this time from comments. Konstantin Menshov became best of Russians. Taking after the short program the second place, it as a result has stopped in a step from a pedestal.