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CSKA has closed a circle on itself, having come off from " Anzhi " and " Zenith " on three points

has come to the end Yesterday the first circle of the championship of Russia on football. It has won CSKA which have defeated in 12 from 15 matches. Last victim of soldiers became " Kuban " (3:1) which they have surpassed in all respects. Persecutors of CSKA — " Anzhi " and " Zenith " — hardly maintain rate of the leader. Mahachkalintsy yesterday have not stood in a match W " the Locomotive " pulled out a drawn game 1:1. And Petersburgers in a fascinating match have beaten " Volga " 2:1, having scored solving goal already during compensated time. on championship start it was difficult to assume that 2 its middle CSKA will appear the unconditional leader. Unlike " Zenith " and " Anzhi " soldiers have not made powerful acquisitions, unlike " Spartaka " Have not invited the eminent European trainer and, unlike the competitors, have filled up the season beginning, having lost in two starting matches from three. Their transfiguration has more surprisingly appeared that.

it is the head coach of CSKA Leonid Slutsky, instead of its colleague from " Spartaka " Unaj Emeri searched and found to players new unexpected positions. They are not untwisted beginners of soldiers — first of all Rasmus Elm — status recruits " enslaved game, instead of; Zenith " and " Anzhi " Halk, Aksel Vitsel and Lassana Diarra. And in this plan a sabbatical match of CSKA against " Kuban " it was rather indicative.

in Krasnodar to play to difficultly NE &mdash command; on this departure leaders time and again burnt. To run on " Kuban " moreover typed a course under the direction of Yury Krasnozhana, — the certain chance to lose points. CSKA has not simply achieved victory, but also has completely changed the rival that is possible and at all to units. The soldiers who have been not burdened with Euro cups from - for an early departure from League of Europe, have very competently calculated forces. They methodically pressed on " Kuban " B4 Ahmed Musy`s first goal, and have then taken positions on the half of field, having given a ball and territory to the rival. But it was not deviation: a victim trapped. Also do not happen in an ending of a time of a disputable penalty, it would be possible to consider CSKA plan ideally realised. However Sergey Lapochkina the dangerous jump with two feet FWD has too impressed Igor Akinfeeva: the army goalkeeper though has got a ball, but together with it has cut Ibraima Balde. On a break in podtribunnoe a premise judge Lapochkin left under cover of the policemen, differently the angered Leonid Slutsky and Igor Akinfeev would not pass it.

so ambiguous a penalty could knock down the NE command of premieres - leagues, however CSKA left on the second time indifferently and in any ten minutes has destroyed, appear, inspired " Kuban ". The double has made Musa, one more goal has added Rasmus Elm, distant blow laid ball in a corner. As a part of visitors there was also a hero of the second plan — Alan Dzagoev, which CSKA W virtuosity of hero Keanu Rivza from a film " the Devil`s advocate " in the second time for a season otmazal from long disqualification. Lawyers of soldiers fought knowingly: Dzagoev has given magnificent transfer to an episode W the first goal, and the second ball to gate " Kuban " has been hammered after goalkeeper Alexander Belenov unsuccessfully parried a biting shot havbeka.

so bright, integral, qualitative matches at CSKA in the first circle was a little. Soldiers have pulled out the majority of MTGs on character, extended on teeth, and this quality at times does not suffice their persecutors. So, " Anzhi " yesterday has missed victory over " the Locomotive " already ready was to fall down in hands. On honour, mahachkalintsy it not so - that also merited: exhausted by fight W " Liverpool " in League of Europe where, unlike Englishmen, they could not expose doublers (all - taki), football players " for the first time play; Anzhi " the MTG most part beat off from swoops of railwaymen. However in the middle of the second time mahachkalintsy have unexpectedly opened the bill thanks to an error of the goalkeeper " the Locomotive " Gilerme which has disoriented an unsuccessful rebound of a ball from kochkovatogo the lawn reminding the trodden pasture.

Remained time " the Locomotive " Has devoted to fascinating, fierce storm, and eventually railwaymen have been rewarded for persistence by an a bit funny goal. Muscovites finished a match in three centre forwards: one of them — Roman Pavluchenko — has powerfully punched on the collars, the second — to Lady N ` Doje — has successfully tripped up, and a ball dreadfully slowly 4 the goalkeeper " Anzhi " Vladimir Gabulova it was went in a corner. Surprising business, but the head coach " the Locomotive " Bilich, apparently, was nice is discouraged by result while its cheeful colleague Guus Hiddink argued pragmatically: the gained exit drawn game at such busy schedule of matches — rather worthy result. Especially perfectly completed " Anzhi " saves chances to catch up with the leader.

approximately as can argue and the operating champion of the country — " Zenith ". Yesterday Petersburgers in a surprising match on an intrigue have pulled out victory at " Volga ". Nizhegorodtsy MTGs have evened up scores last minute and, appear, have gained a drawn game. But hardly probable not in the following attack to the forward " Zenith " Alexander Kerzhakovu managed remarkable blow lateral " scissors ": the attacking has amazed gate of the BRO — the goalkeeper " Volga " Michael. The match outcome has turned out so unexpected that after a final whistle head coaches of &mdash commands; Luchano Spalletti and Gadzhi Gadzhiev — equally smiled. The Italian sincerely, and the Russian obviously vymuchenno.

On five points from the third place on which has settled down " Anzhi " lag behind " Terek " beaten in the past tour " Mordovia " 2:1, and " Spartak ". As the competitor and the persecutor Muscovites it is more dangerous. Yesterday they have rather convincingly beaten " Krasnodar " 2:0, without having passed in the third match successively. Game was made by the captain " Spartaka " Dmitry Kombarov who given out a remarkable goal pass of Ari and has realised a penalty.