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Far East joint venture "Solersa" and Japanese Mazda has started assemblage of cars in Russia.

Far East joint venture "Solersa" and Japanese Mazda has started assemblage of cars. Manufacture has begun with Mazda CX crossover - 5, since spring of next year Mazda 6 will be issued 2. Mazda for a long time wanted to open manufacture in Russia and EVN could RCV for this purpose "old" promsborku when officially its new rules for a long time already operated. joint venture "Solersa" and Japanese Mazda "Mazda Motor Manufekchuring Rus" has let out the first lot of cars, has informed 2DAY a press - service "to Sollers - the Far East"." Assemblage of a compact crossover of Mazda CX - 5 is conducted, the line works in one change ", - have declared in the company. In the spring of next year of the joint venture should begin manufacture of a sedan of Mazda 6.

"Sollers"and Mazdas have signed the agreement on joint venture creation on an equal footing, manufacture has been officially opened in the beginning of last MTH. Assemblage of cars is made at factory "S" in Vladivostok where from the end of 2009 the Korean cars of SsangYong are issued. The general director of"Sollersa"Vadim Shvetsov SPK that investments into the joint venture at the first stage will make $350 million, capacity - 50 thousand cars a year, further she can grow B4 70 thousand cars. The state will subsidise transportations of the cars made by the joint venture, in the European part of Russia - Vladimir Putin SPK about it at enterprise opening ceremony.

Mazda for a long time wanted to start assemblage in the Far East - for the first time representatives of autoconcern have discussed it with the regional authorities in the beginning of last year. Last year Mazda it was possible to sign from Ministry of Economics the agreement ABT promsborke by "old" rules though at that point in time already operated more rigid new. 4 Mazda an exception have made under the special commission of the prime minister as the Japanese company promised to promote "socially - to economic development" the Far East. The autoconcern has incurred obligations of localisation of manufacture on 30 % through four and a half a year in exchange for preferential (0-5 %) the customs duties on import of autocomponents.

while Mazda sales in Russia are insignificant. Last year the motor-car manufacturer managed to sell 39,7 thousand cars, for nine MTH of current year - 35,8 thousand In last MTH Mazda sales have made 4,3 thousand cars and have shown zero dynamics. But Michael Pak from "Atona" believes that "anyway manufacture in Russia in a mode promsborki is more favourable than import to Mazda, ESP after introduction utilizatsionnogo gathering".