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Sales of new cars have shown the worst dynamics for two and a half a year

the Russian car market has seriously slowed down rates of increase of sales — in last MTH they have increased all by 5 %. It is the worst indicator since 2010. Thus sales of many large brands also have at all fallen. Dealers connect delay of rates of increase of the market with its saturation and " expectation of new crisis ". Analysts consider that the situation can temporarily be corrected at the expense of New Year`s actions, but by the spring AGN will worsen. on Friday the Association of the European business (AEB) has published the data ABT sales of new cars and LCV in Russia. In last MTH it has been sold 253,7 thousand cars, that is all on 5 % more than year before. In first nine MTH of this year the market grew on the average on 14 %. The given indicator of growth of the market — the lowest for last two and a half a year, since 2010 when the market only left crisis.

Thus for the first time since then sales several large foreign brands have shown at once negative dynamics. So, Ford sales have decreased in comparison with last year on 15 %. In current MTH Ford sales grew on 2 %, and in the past — on 28 %. Decrease has occurred in many respects from - for falling of sales of the model of autoconcern most sold in Russia — Focus. They have fallen to 21 %. On 6 % Hyundai sales have decreased: basically at the expense of falling of sales (on 4 %) the most popular foreign car in Russia — Solaris. Nissan sales have fallen To 9 %, thus on the most popular model of Japanese autoconcern — Qashqai — decrease has made 38 %. On 26 %, Suzuki sales have fallen to 20 % — Mazda, on 10 % — Daewoo, on 4 % — Mitsubishi.

decrease in sales has concerned not only cars, but also segment LCV. Sales of group GAS and Oise have decreased on 3 %. Growth of sales of commercial cars of Volkswagen was slowed down B4 11 %.

" Decrease in consumer appetite " recognise in most AEB. The chairman of committee of motor-car manufacturers of association Jorg Shrajber has declared that " now demand as a whole is slowed down in comparison with last year that will influence a break-even sales level the nearest MTH ". W it dealers &mdash agree also; the general director of holding " Avilon Automobile group " Andrey Pavlovich considers that " small growth of the automobile market first of all is caused by expectation of new crisis ". " Many consumers do not hurry yet to put up money in cars, probably, some of them want to wait traditional New Year`s actions. ESP in a mass segment " — he has noted.

it is valid, according to AEB, sales of many budgetary models continue falling. It has begun still in the end of the last year and was aggravated by the autumn. For example, Renault Logan sales in last MTH have decreased on 45 %, Daewoo Matiz — on 25 %, Chevrolet Lacetti — on 10 %. Falling occurs and on all lineup the Autovase, except for new Granta and Largus.

" Guards that the falling of the sales which begun with a mass segment and have become by first sign of delay of demand, has concerned now also some more expensive models, for example Nissan Qashqai and Ford Focus " — Michael Pak from " marks; Atona ". He underlines that " this tendency bears to the general stagnation of the market and demand delay ". " Usually the fourth quarter differs the highest sales, and delay is very indicative " — the analyst adds.

" Results of sales of foreign cars CFM with a trend of delay of growth of the market which is observed this year against significant growth of last year " — the general manager the director of retail division GK " SPK; Rolf " Tatyana Lukovetsky. As she said, " growth of the market of new foreign cars this year in comparison with the past has made 8 % — it is the lowest indicator this year ".

However, decrease in sales yet does not frighten motor-car manufacturers — they SPK that this temporary phenomenon connected with technical factors. For example, in Ford decrease in sales Focus explain what last year " the first deliveries of the new version of this model have reached the Russian dealers and volumes of its sales were predictedly big at the expense of what the effect of high base " was formed;. In the company have added that the general decrease on a brand is connected 2 by that in Russia model Fusion which manufacture has stopped in the first half of the year has definitively ceased to be on sale. In Suzuki and Nissan recognise that falling of sales is connected with the general delay of the market. " decrease in sales Qashqai speaks displacement of demand towards models Juke and Tiida " — add in Nissan. In Hyundai decrease in sales connect " W dynamics of delivery of cars within last and flowing years ".

In " Sollerse " falling of sales Oise have explained " effect of high base which has arisen from - for large purchases LCV Oise which was last year ". " Sales Oise will be AGN above results of the similar period of last year " — have assured of the company. In group GAS have informed that sales LCV have fallen against " The general delay of demand for EZ commercial cars which exists in the market ".

Vladimir Bespalov from " VTB the Capital " considers that " against the general uncertainty of economy, decrease in purchasing capacity and increase in credit rates market growth will continue and to be slowed down further ". He notices that traditional New Year`s discount actions of dealers can temporarily correct a situation. However by the spring, according to mister Bespalov, delay of rates of increase of the market will proceed again.