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Alexey Harnas ABT Aston Martin Vanquish

Vanquish did not become the hero of a new film ABT James Bond, left on screens last week, but Aston Martin has not casually dated world display of the new car for a premiere " Skyfall ". Owners of the autocompany, directors and featured actors of a Bondiana changed, but 4 Aston Martin officer MI - 6 in the civilian became face of the mark in 1964 when first generation DB5 has appeared in a series " Goldfinger ". BTW, this cine copy of the car with all gadgets which were hung on it by Kju, has been sold two years ago at auction in LDN for £ 2,9 million Vanquish will come in the stead DBS, but the quantity of engineering updatings allows to consider as its absolutely new car, instead of the improved version of already existing model.

" We used essentially new approach in body designing, considered possibilities of recently appeared materials, therefore car outlines have turned out such is delightful brawny " — Mark Rajhman, the main designer of Aston Martin SPK. Really, composit fibre used in manufacture kuzovnyh of components, allows to create more difficult forms and bends, than a steel or often used in manufacture of sport cars aluminium. The hydrocarbonic composite became the basic material of the case of the car, and engineers of the company assure that durability of a body on such indicator as twisting (it is important 4 an estimation of consequences of failures), has grown on 25 % in comparison with durability of the body executed from traditional materials.

the car salon is made under the scheme 2+2, however, the second row of seats — it is faster a configuration rudiment " a compartment " As to use them for the designated purpose it is possible only 4 transportation of not too large pets. The back of forward seats rests against a back sofa EVN when the driver sits down to a wheel absolutely usual komplektsii. Thus landing to forward seats, thanks to the spacious doorways, very convenient — Vanquish it is deprived ability typical for much sport cars to bend the owner literally in three perditions to place it in a driver`s armchair.

a control panel laconic, as well as it is necessary to the sports car. Curious design reception — elements of management climatic and media system are made on technology tachskrin: instead of buttons on the panel some screens, similar subjects that are used in smart phones are placed. Dared, it is beautiful, innovative — but it is not adapted absolutely not 4 use in the winter. It is experimentally proved that tachskriny the car do not react to a hand touch in a glove.

Under cowl Vanquish — already CKed atmospheric 6,0 - litre engine V12 as representatives of the company SPK, " essentially improved and finished " aggregated W six-step AKPP type Touchtronic 2.

Figures SPK for themselves. The motor of new Aston Martin has capacity of 573 horsepowers at 6750 revolutions per minute, and B4 hundred kilometres per hour the car is dispersed for 4,1 seconds. Thus, Vanquish became the most powerful car of Aston Martin, short of superpenalties One - 77, let out by the limited series and on sale in Great Britain at the price £ 1,2 million

Management of a suspension bracket and power setting is deduced on a wheel — it conveniently also does not demand from the driver of long meditations, ABT what combination of WRK of the motor, transmission and a suspension bracket to choose. Here all is simple: one button includes the sports mode, the second — Clamps a suspension bracket, doing the car steadier in turns. In practice — ideal configuration 4 the car intended not only 4 races on the days off on a track, but also 4 daily use in city conditions.

we get the motor, we are switched in a sports mode — and, seemingly, four seconds B4 hundred kilometres per hour — it is quite real indicator at all 4 a racing line. The car is fine operated — on sharp dispersal it should not be kept on a direct trajectory, and an input in turn very accurate, not demanding additional podrulivanija. On a broader scale, the car obviously does not give to the driver a lot of freedom, caring of its security. Perhaps, it will not be pleasant to those who professionally is engaged in motor racing and fine owns all skills of sports driving. But from the point of view of Aston Martin marketing it is absolutely correct approach: In the world not so it is a lot of the buyers, ready to pay for the car so high price (in Russia of Aston Martin Vanquish will cost from 339 600), and to save up ANY1 of them — the major problem of engineers of the company.