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Experience of serial installation in Lada Granta a Japanese automatic transmission

In the childhood at me was the M8, and at it was the neighbour — the known Soviet actor. Admirers of the actor quite often stood at an entrance of their house, we W boys too there went, but not to look at a celebrity. One only national actors of the USSR in our corner of the world lived from tens, and stars of theatre and cinema did not interest us. The daughter of the actor went on reeksportnoj " the Harmony - 2105 " W unprecedented then an automatic transmission. This car, unique not only in vicinities of the Kutuzovsky prospectus, but also, probably, in all Moscow, was a source of our constant interest. " a Zhiguli " and W " the automatic machine " — it in 1980 - h simply did not go in years. since then has passed, if my memory doesn`t fail me 27 years. I drive one of the first serial Tolyatti cars W an automatic transmission. And almost as in the childhood, I am surprised.

we will not underestimate the occurrence fact " Frets " W " the automatic machine ". While in shops the Autovase have collected the first commodity lot of cars W AKPP, we became closer to a civilisation. In my opinion, this event not smaller, than electrification of all country or occurrence in our cities of the central water drain. Now we do not run W a bucket on street. That is we any more do not pull a hard side scene and we do not squeeze out is permanent a creaking pedal. We is simple plavnenko we release a brake and we slide — as in America.

occurrence vazovskoj models W automatic transmission — it besides important argument in favour of that domestic cars do not need to be got " any more; from a pusher " and where - that long to drag on a tow. The impossibility of these operations 4 the car W AKPP long frightened domestic motorists, but now, probably, ice has got under way: " the automatic machine " more frightens nobody.

and let evil tongues repeat that - de a box - that not ours, and Japanese, firms Jatko that the unit though and modernised, but technically become outdated and put it on Nissan model already since 1989. We will not listen to them. In - the first because 4 Lada Granta it is the unit in every respect approaching — inexpensive and CKed by time. And in - the second, no Japanese transmission will make " to the Grant " the Japanese car as has not made the Volga city Mediterranean a name of Italian communist Palmiro of Tolyatti.

Lada Granta — our, Russian car, a leader of an inexpensive mass segment. The start in life to it was written out by the Russian government, having allocated considerable money for factory support. Its mainly Russian designers and engineers, and the Russian president created it has blest, having clapped a luggage carrier and having driven a circle on a factory track.

than the inexpensive car from expensive, except the price differs? That is collected from simple and inexpensive sites, W use besides simple and inexpensive materials and technologies. Granta, let and W automatic transmission, such also is: the petrol engine atmospheric, four-cylinder capacity of 98 l. W., the maximum twisting moment of 145 Nanometers. A box too simple — the hydrotransformer four-stage. And a complete set plain: two forward pillows of security, the conditioner, lobbies electric steklopodemniki. EVN the radio tape recorder in standard factory equipment is not present.

Salon — there is no place is easier. The black rigid plastic forward panel W round deflektorami ventilation, from this a material — door panels. Laconic control panel with a speedometer, a tachometre and a monochrome screen in a frame of several alarm bulbs. A plastic wheel, hardly soft to the touch. Mirrors W rychazhkami manual adjustment. Not too convenient armchairs and a back sofa, an upholstery — black synthetics in a speck. The thick massive handle of lever AKPP W the huge button sideways. Prikurivatel, pair of coasters.

the justifying of scarcity of an interior the price &mdash ministers; 373 thousand rbl. I Think, Lada Granta W AKPP have intentionally made unpretentious though usually versions W automatic boxes are equipped more richly. W such price you will not argue, the nearest competitor — a sedan of Zaporozhye factory ZAZ Chance W " the automatic machine " more expensively almost on 50 thousand rbl.

from the past

All - taki in vain organizers the test - a drive have not established Sounds in the test car " music ". When the background sound is not present, start to listen more attentively 2 noise which are published by the car.

in Lada Granta it is a lot of sounds. While at us on odometre was about 600 km (the car almost new), lobbies creaked and slightly back brakes gnashed. The steering mechanism when reached extreme positions, published a sound of blow by metal ABT metal. Clicked the relay of inclusion of a back heater, rubber hooted, the motor of screen wipers buzzed. The toddler of switching of modes of ventilation at sharp moving knocked. The fan, the conditioner rustled, joining, made the whole scale of sounds — from buzz and hum before murmur and pobulkivanija. Slightly jingled from vibration of plastic arts of the forward panel, when in a mode " a drive " (D) the foot pressed on a brake pedal, without allowing to move the car. On high turns the engine howled, only Japanese transmission was silent.

Where - that through 100 km in the forward panel something has fallen and has started to tinkle, dangling. Still approximately through 100 km the screw of fastening of a sun-protection peak &mdash was turned off; on hummocks the lung pohlopyvanie a peak ABT a roof covering has increased. The alarm lamp of brake system and any more gasla till the end of the test has then lighted up. On what she paid my ATTN — it is not known: the manual brake has been released, brake blocks — new, level of a brake liquid in a tank — the sufficient. Lamp burning was accompanied periodic popiskivaniem.

Except sounds in salon smells reigned. A smell of the new, recently formed plastic and a stench of drying up anticorrosive structure. Greetings from the Soviet past — a dense, sticky yellow anticorrosive mixture, a hint that the body is not eternal, a joy of the zealous automobile owner. As it was found out, by request of the dealer this sticky rubbish had been plentifully processed thresholds, apertures of doors, internal space under a cowl and a luggage carrier cover. EVN plastic furnish of an aperture of a luggage carrier fighters W corrosion have managed to smear, though plastic like does not decay.

now ABT touch. W it all is ambiguous. For example, the wheel is very quite good, he is pleasant for having control over, pleasantly to twist, intercept. Podrulevye petals excellent, smooth, W Gud fixing. And here buttons and handles on the central console awful. It is clear, what it was necessary to make cheaply but Y it is obligatory so ugly and clumsily? You undertake the handle of a regulator of the fan — and such sensation as if you have control over a raw detail, preparation.

visually about the same: the instrument panel decent though also modest, all is accurate, Gud and it is moderately illuminated, and it is read normally, unless the image on ZHK - a screen melkovato. And here the central console — as from other century: as if the cracks cut through by an axe in rigid plastic through which in the dark there is light from dim bulbs, figures and a drawing on handles krivorukim are executed by obviously someone.

buttons steklopodemnikov are highlighted, a strip W selector AKPP modes — no. The necessary position of the lever, without peering into a screen corner, it is impossible to find. SOW, a small course of the selector W muffled fixing of modes — unique my claim 2 grantovskoj AKPP. Well, and certainly, still vibration in mode D when you are at a stop. But here the box is faster not is guilty, and engine support.

in the rest " the automatic machine " only pleases. It softly switches transfers upwards and downwards, does not suffer affliction special thoughtfulness, W it it is really pleasant to go. Box options are worthy all praises — far not outstanding grantovsky the engine very confidently and vigorously disperses the car. I will notice that on foreign cars of similar class AKPP are usually ground under pensioners who do not hurry anywhere. On Granta it is possible and to send on errands, without swearing. And in stoppers " the automatic machine " behaves adequately, still brakes would not creak — on a broader scale it would be excellent.

I understand, it is not necessary to W8 that in the car of a budgetary class you will meet an outstanding noise isolation and refined furnish. Let will be cheap but good, I am ready to sticking out screws W/ O caps, but only let on the new car these screws are not turned off, and lamps of brake system unexpectedly let do not light up.

I understand, Y on a cover of a luggage carrier there is no covering but Y, undertaken it from within, I should stick 2 anticorrosive mastic and peel a finger ABT raw edge of metal? Start up there will be a rigid plastic in salon, but details all - taki should adjoin to each other more or less densely, not to rattle on the move and not to creak.

the Tolyatti engineers and managers, in my opinion, have perfectly worked. How goes Lada Granta W " the automatic machine " at me claims are not present any, to tell the truth, I expected much the worst. It is visible that people really tried, wanted, that left Gud. I think, if these engineers and managers also collected the test car, would be simply remarkable. But while it is done by absolutely other citizens and before to go, it would be desirable to take a tooling, all to disassemble, lay and stretch anew. In general to make to what some generations of owners of cars from Tolyatti have got used already.

the AVG expense of gasoline AI - 95 during the test — 8,6 l on 100 km. On a line — about 8 l, in a city — 9 - 10 l. Cost of the annual policy kasko on Lada Granta c AKPP in a complete set " Norm " — 20 - 30 thousand rbl. depending on the company and additional conditions, OSAGO — 3960 rbl. year, the transport tax — 686 rbl. a year. A guarantee on the car — three years or 50 thousand in km of run, an interservice interval — 15 thousand in km, cost THAT taking into account expendable materials — 3,5 - 6 thousand rbl. depending on run.