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Vladimir Putin has taken care of tractors. The president has surprised that duties on them are not lowered.

president Vladimir Putin has acted W criticism utilizatsionnogo the gathering which introduction 4 protection of domestic car industry against decrease in duties he has supported in the spring. The president has surprised that on sedelnye tractors high gathering at preservation of level of duties at former level has been entered. As a result it has charged Minpromtorgu " to correct " this situation. However, in the ministry will prove that existing level " it is absolutely justified ". Yesterday during a MTG with representatives of the Union of transport workers of Russia Vladimir Putin has charged Minpromtorgu to work together with autocarriers a question on possible decrease in import duties on sedelnye tractors. Discussion ABT it has begun after the general director of an autocarrier " Lorri " Yury Stupak has complained on high utilizatsionnyj gathering on sedelnye tractors thus that the duty on them has not decreased after joining of Russia to the WTO. " it cannot be that we utilizatsionnyj enter gathering, and the customs duties we do not reduce " — Vladimir Putin was surprised and has asked the minister of the industry and Denis Manturova`s trade ABT, a leah exists such situation. When mister Manturov recognised that " under separate nomenclatures " duties did not decrease, the president has declared that " incorrectly " " easier so to use that we enter utilizatsionnyj gathering on that technics on which the customs duties " do not go down;. " Thus to force to get the domestic technics it is impossible. It is necessary to improve quality and to lower goods cost " — Vladimir Putin has declared. " I ask to pay you to this ATTN and to correct " — he has underlined.

After official joining of Russia to the WTO the duty on sedelnye tractors till three years was saved by age at level of 5 %. 4 second-hand tractors till seven years it makes 15 %. The size of gathering on new cars in full weight from 12 B4 20 tons makes 220,5 thousand rbl., from 20 B4 50 tons — 435 thousand rbl. Thus 4 tractors is more senior three years gathering makes 1,5 - 1,7 million rbl. depending on weight. The basic sales volume sedelnyh tractors is necessary on foreign brands. For example, the share of KamAZa in this market, under own data, makes only 3 %. According to motor-car manufacturers, the total amount of sales sedelnyh tractors in Russia last year has made about 25 thousand cars. In total in Russia (taking into account KamAZa and MAZa) last year it has been sold about 100 thousand trucks in weight 14 - 40 tons.

Already after a MTG with the president Denis Manturov has explained to journalists that in 2008 the customs duties on sedelnye tractors have been lowered W 25 B4 5 % " B4 the MOM when manufacture of such tractors in Russia " will be adjusted;. Mister Manturov has declared that now in Russia tractors make KamAZ and Volvo, and also MAZ in Belarus. " to bring an attention to the question on additional exclusives 4 carriers thereupon it is illogical, as they have possibility to buy such tractors " — the minister has told. He has added that " to arrange discussion " ABT level of duties on tractors W carriers " it is useless, CUZ they poorly listen ". " the Duty is lowered B4 5 %, and more low where? " — mister Manturov summarised.

the Deputy minister of the industry and trade Alexey Rakhmanov has informed that Minpromtorg " Will prove that the level established now utilizatsionnogo gathering is absolutely justified and responds a creation problem in Russia to a network of recycling of cars ". " Demanding decrease in duties or gathering level, autocarriers simply try to optimise level of own expenses, but they develop of many various factors, and first of all — level of credit rates " — mister Rakhmanov has told.

" on sedelnye tractors it is necessary considerable sales volume of foreign manufacturers of trucks in Russia " — Vladimir Bespalov from " marks; VTB the Capital ". According to Association of the European business, sale of foreign trucks in Russia (weight more than 6 tons) have made an order of 23 thousand cars. " Rates utilizatsionnogo gathering on new sedelnye tractors are high enough, but first of all gathering has struck on import of second-hand cars from - for additional loadings in 1,5 million rbl. " — Michael Pak from " adds; Atona ". But he notices that large autocarriers buy basically the new technics.