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Japanese submit America reliability of the cars

Authoritative American magazine Consumer Reports has published an annual rating of reliability of cars. Eight places in ten most reliable have occupied Japanese stamps, 2 Audi and Kia have entered into ten. The best result among the American stamps has shown Cadillac which have settled down on 11 - m a place. Domestic motor-car manufacturers by tradition in reliability rating are not noticed. 4 drawing up of rating Consumer Reports collects responses of hundreds thousand automobile owners ABT new cars (is not more senior two years). This time conclusions have been made on the basis of responses of 800 thousand persons ABT 1,2 million cars of three last modelling years. As a result of conducted research Consumer Reports has put on first three places of the stamp belonging to concern of Toyota: Scion, Toyota and Lexus. 2 five more Japanese automobile brands enter into ten: Mazda, Subaru, Honda, Acura, Infiniti. Nejaponsky manufacturers managed to take in ten only two places: on the eighth place has settled down Audi (having risen in comparison with a last year`s rating on 18 places), on the tenth - Kias

Besides Audi are present at a rating also other DM, however they have settled down much more low. 14 - e researchers of magazine explain place Mercedes not so Gud responses of the American owners ABT WRK of off-road cars M - a class during the second year of operation. 16 - e BMW place speaks claims of owners of BMW of the seventh series and off-road cars X3. Results of Volkswagen which have occupied 18 - e a place, have been impaired a little by responses of the American owners on model Jetta and Touareg. Cars of the stamp of Cadillac, let out by General Motors became the Most reliable among the American models in rating Consumer Reports: they have occupied 11 - e a place. At once for Cadillac there are cars of stamp GMC, Chevrolet is on 15 - m a place, Jeep - on 19 - m, Chrysler - on 23 - m. Worst of all there were results of the stamps belonging to Ford: Lincoln on 26 - m a place, and cars from Ford ruler - on penultimate, 27 - m. reliability Rating close cars of the stamp of Jaguar which now belongs to the Indian company Tata Motors.

4 the American mass-media absence of the American stamps in ten best became appreciable disappointment that, however, has not poured out in criticism of composers of a rating. The American observers, on the contrary, have paid the maximum ATTN to those lacks, from - for which American stamps, in the basic Ford, have appeared so low in reliability rating: with reference to Ford it is a question ABT not to the best WRK of the touch display of the onboard computer. System MyFord Touch with which present models are equipped, works on the basis of OS Microsoft Auto 4. 0." If not complaints to WRK of the touch display in MyFord Touch, results would be better, - one of authors of a rating, Jack Fisher has declared. - but also W/ O problems W the display owners have many questions 2 Ford production. In particular, Americans complain of not too accurate WRK of new transmission Powershift with which are equipped new Focus and Fiesta ".