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One of leading European motor-car manufacturers, French PSA Citroen Peugeot, has informed 2DAY on reception of the state help in volume 7 mlrd

One of leading European motor-car manufacturers, French PSA Citroen Peugeot, has informed 2DAY on reception of the state help in volume 7 billion Company has been urged to be converted behind the help from - for proceeding falling of sales. In exchange for the help of the power will actually influence company activity. The prime minister - the minister of the country has already declared that, allocating means, the government wants to avoid mass reductions of labour in Citroen Peugeot. in today`s MSG PSA Citroen Peugeot is SPK that "the French state declared the intention to give 7 mlrd on refinancing of guarantees on new releases of bonds taking into account expenses which 3 years" can arise at the company in the following. As financial director PSA has explained in interview Reuters Peugeot of Citroen Jean - Lawn de to Shatilon, "means completely will enter odd-come-shortlies".

In a MSG 2 it is SPK that in the near future it is planned to create observant committee into which representatives of the government and the company will enter. In MSG PSA Citroen Peugeot it is told that these steps will add measures already taken by the company on strengthening of financing Banque PSA Finance. They include increase in the program sekjuritizatsii (attraction of money resources by release of the securities provided with actives) from 18 % B4 30 % from total amount of actives, and also introduction in the beginning of next year of the savings bill 4 retail clients in France. Earlier the company has requested of bank PSA Finance as a whole 11,5 billion" Time to bank PSA Finance will appear the state support, becomes obvious that sale of actives will not stop outflow of money resources ", - the analyst from financial conglomerate Credit Suisse David Arnold considers.

the data which have left 2DAY on financial indicators PSA Citroen Peugeots have appeared unfavourable. In the third quarter of this year the company gain has made 12,93 mlrd that on 3,9 % it is less in comparison with last year. The gain of automobile division of group has decreased on 8,5 %, B48,52 billion In the company expect that the pure debt on the end of current year will make already 3 billion Peugeot of Citroen any more the first MTH fixes falling of sales. Following the results of the first half of the year of sale of the company in the world have fallen to 13 %, B4 1,62 million cars. And in the European market for the same period - on 10 %. The situation is aggravated with constant recession of autosales in France: already during the current year cars there it has been sold on 23 % less, than last year. Since then the situation considerably has not improved: following the results of last MTH decrease in autosales in France has made 18 %. PSA Citroen Peugeot for a long time experiences financial difficulties. This year the company EVN has lost the place among "blue counters" in index CAC 40 of - for falling in the price of its actions. Earlier in this MTH agency Moody ` s has lowered a credit rating of the company from level Ba2 B4 Ba3.

In most PSA Citroen Peugeots consider that in the near future the European automobile market will be reduced to 9 % while the Chinese market will grow approximately on 7 %, and Russian - on 11 %. "The competitive environment all becomes more rigid under growing influence of the prices and against proceeding deterioration in the markets of the south of Europe", - it is marked in a company MSG.

after a MSG that the state will assist Peugeot of Citroen, its actions at the auctions in Paris have fallen in price on 6 %.