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On the Parisian motor show

They are completely not practical, are not economic and, as a rule, are not harmless. It is dangerous to go by them, and 4 them very few suitable roads. They are very expensive, and they are bought by units. But millions dream of them. They the main stars of NE show. Sport cars — excellently beautiful, senselessly powerful, impetuously QIK and unboundedly desired. Last Parisian motor show has CFMed again with old true: all passing, and the irrational LUV to sports cars is eternal. the premiere of new Jaguar F - Type became hardly probable not the focal point of this automobile autumn and the main French autoshow. The closed display of model has taken place just on the eve of the first day of WRK of salon. The presentation place had been chose Rodin`s Museum that anybody did not have doubts: the new roadster marks straight at eternity, that is in classics by what Malkolma Sawyer`s creation &mdash 2DAY is unanimously recognised; well-known E - Type. The main designer of Jaguar F - Type — Scot Jan Kallum who, by its own recognition, and a trade has chosen after the boy has C that Jaguar. Since the childhood having started to draw sketches and to send them in residence of the company of Jaguar on Brauns - lejn, Kallum, as he said, remained in a captivity " burning desire " to make something comparable W an ideal. Burning desire — it not only an essence of a creative method of the author of new model, but also svezhesochinennyj hymn F - Type, executed on the prime minister of the car the American singer Lanoj Del of Yards. As one of BOS of Jaguar has told, this performer and F - Type is made related by a unique combination of authenticity and the present. F - Type it is really authentic, but at the same time in it there is a design originality — to take, for example, the handles hidden at doors which are put forward towards to a palm of the driver by pressing. Or same secret, at a superficial glance accepted for a luggage carrier part the back spoiler rising on speeds over 100 km/ ch. Traditional the soft awning which, however, is a part of quite modern design of the roof developing and displayed all for 12 seconds looks. The owner of a rear-wheel roadster has a choice that will growl under a car cowl, — or one of two six-cylinder engines in volume of 3 l and capacity of 340 and 380 l. W., or five-litre " the eight " capacity of 495 l. W. Last is dispersed B4 hundred all for 4,3 sek, and from 80 B4 120 km/ ch for 2,5 seconds the Maximum speed of the car makes 300 km/ ch. All models are equipped by eight-step automatic machine Quickshift.

on beauty and spirit a serial novelty of the Parisian salon Maserati GranCabrio MC cabriolet became comparable. However effective in this car which design in has much inherited lines of already shown compartment, it is possible to consider exclusively dynamic characteristics. Figures " from zero B4 hundred for 4,9 seconds " and also the maximum speed in 289 km/ ch do GranCabrio MC by the most QIK cabriolet of the stamp for all its history. Under a cowl at the car the same 4,7 - litre petrol V8 (460 l. W.) That costs on GranTurismo MC Stradale and GranTurismo Sport. The six-step automatic transmission W lonch - control can work in different modes: Auto - Normal and Auto - Sport or Manual - Normal and Manual - Sport. But whatever mode the driver has chosen, he can be assured that the car simply submits to its thoughts, changing steps is not simply QIK, and is imperceptibly QIK. More shortly — instantly.

usually 2 the stand of the company of Lamborghini only in the second Q come to look at vigorous performance of radiant president Stefana Vinkelmana and erotic performance Italian " bambini ". Primary object of curiosity — cars. However this time the company from Santa - Agate has acted modestly enough, having shown formally new, but nevertheless serial model Gallardo. Expecting that to some motorists there will be not enough small factory amendments, the company has given him to be engaged ukrashatelstvom. Also has offered the whole ruler of new wheel disks, and also so-called stylish packages W especially painted spoilers, lattices and other hinged details. Version Edizione Tecnica is intended for the most resolute W is considerably matte - a black body, orange racks and the orange air inlets, the rear wing lifted up B4 heavens and karbon - ceramic brakes.

Mercedes-Benz CLS Shooting Brake, inherently, not that other, as the versatile person. W a back soft sofa on three passengers, a luggage carrier on 590 l W the floor which has been laid out by foppish wooden laths. Mercedes-Benz CLS Shooting Brake, having passed through hands of experts AMG which are ready to put the 5,5 - litre engine V8 W two turbines capacity about 530 l. W. EVN on a skateboard, it is capable to shake a midday sleepiness from the driver for schitanye seconds. If to be absolutely exact — for 4,4 seconds Type of the car which representatives of the Stuttgart company W/ O any remorse name " a compartment - the versatile person " excites thought and provoke to additional creative researches. It is no wonder that the tuning - the model version was presented also by studio Brabus. It has a little more loaded and W/ O that fire-spitting motors of the car, but also, has given it a racing kind, having established a suspension bracket W adjustable shock-absorbers Bilstein, more powerful brake mechanisms and 20 - inch wheel disks Brabus Monoblock.

However on - to the present other novelty from Mercedes has shot on the Parisian motor show. Presented as " the most powerful and QIK electromobile in the world " model SLS AMG Electric Drive is already almost ready to start on the conveyor. Representatives of the company already name guiding price on which it will be on sale in Europe from next year, — 415 thousand This painted in any fantastic blue, luminescing colour under name AMG electricbeam magno all-wheel drive is absolutely deprived electropenalties " an ecological sin " the petrol colleagues. The car works from energy developed by the British firm High Performance Engines litievo - ionic batteries W water cooling in capacity of 60 kw ch. 4 their gymnastics from a usual network 20 hours are required. At special stations this process is reduced till three o`clock. Total capacity of four electromotors which are established on car wheels, makes 751 l. W. That much more, than at usual SLS AMG. The maximum twisting moment — 1000 Nanometers. From a place and B4 100 km/ ch the car in weight only 2095 kg is dispersed for 3,9 seconds the Maximum speed limited 250 km/ ch. But range of run on one additional charge rather impressive — 250 km. The driver has the right to choose a movement mode in which it will spend electric power stocks: Comfort (C), Sport (S) or Sport plus (S +). 4 ANY1 mode it is written down special " a roar " the motor which by the nature on a broader scale - that is absolutely deprived a voice.

serial an electropenalty at Mercedes the French car Exagon Furtive - eGT could select monasteries of the most QIK. The declared dynamic characteristics of this child of racers of Exagon Engineering command really look perfectly: dispersal B4 " hundreds " — 3,5 seconds, the maximum speed — 250 km/ ch W electronic restriction and about 300 km/ ch W/ O restrictions. However besides two electric motors Siemens on the back axis which total capacity makes 402 l. W., at the car is JIC and an internal combustion engine: it considerably increases range of run of a hybrid about 360 km on a city or 290 km on a line B4 800 km. Driver Exagon Furtive - eGT can choose one of four modes of movement on the taste: City, Eco, Standard or Sport.

One more effective hybrid sport car of the Parisian salon — kontsept Peugeot Onyx. Doors and wings of this car are made from polished B4 mirror shine and sheet copper absolutely deprived a paint and varnish covering. In due course copper should be oxidised and, getting a shade of a natural patina, to assume a noble sculptural air. Other details of a body are executed from a black matte carbon fibre. From monolithic ugleplastika the frame of the car which consists of 12 parts is made and weighs only 100 kg, the gross weight &mdash is insignificant also; only 1100 kg. Hybrid 3,7 - litre engine V8 gives out 600 l. W., the twisting moment is passed to back wheels through six-step sekventalnuju a transmission. To the electromotor giving thanks litievo - to ionic batteries which can accumulate kinetic energy of braking, add to the car of 80 more l. W. In registration of an interior a superpenalty absolutely original materials are used. For example, the forward panel is executed from a so-called newspaper tree — the tree structure symitirovana by means of the pressed old newspapers, and on them EVN is appreciable a typographical paint. A floor, walls and ceiling Onyx are fitted by a material reminding felt sewed W/ O a uniform seam.

the British company McLaren has teased public futuristic superkarom W karbonovym monocook McLaren P1. It for the present kontsept, but " ready already practically on 95 % " so next year of it promise to make the live sample: only 500 copies at the price nearby £ 800 thousand for ANY1. Operating director McLaren Anthony Sheriff has promised that it will be " The most impressing, most technologically advanced and the most dynamical superpenalties which when - or was issued ". And though, what there will be technical characteristics, he did not admit, English journalists already write that the car W the big share of probability will RCV the same power-plant, as model McLaren MP4 - 12C. The capacity and weight P1 parity will make more than 600 l. W. On ton, thus weight new the superpenalty will be about 1300 kg. The car will RCV system rekuperatsii the kinetic energy KERS, similar to those that costs on race cars " Formulas - 1 ". To operate this system it will be possible by means of buttons on a steering wheel. The active back spoiler will be put forward on 120 or 300 mm depending on speed of the car, providing it sufficient clamping force.

sports versatile person Panamera Sport Turismo reflects the future tendencies in design of sport cars of Porsche. The car besides 3 - litre petrol engine V6 capacity of 333 l. W. It is equipped by a parallel hybrid power-plant. Is also 95 - the strong electromotor, exclusively on its draught it is possible to speed up about 130 km/ ch. B4 hundred car is dispersed is more QIK, than for 6 seconds, and AVG fuel consumption at the mixed cycle will be envied by a NE midget car — 3,5 l on 100 km.

generally it is possible to recognise as design experiment and new kontsept Lexus LF - CC in which lines of future family IS are embodied. However at all it is less in the car the original head optics, unique colour of a body, Fluid Titanium, a new power-plant from 2,5 - the litre four-cylinder petrol engine and the electromotor involve with cumulative capacity of 200 l. W. And the salon, of course, executed within the limits of philosophy Human Machine Interface where reigns " progressive luxury " Also the instrument panel consisting of two strongly pronounced zones &mdash is especially allocated; W the multipurpose monitor above and the innovative touch screen 4 management of various systems of the car below.

However, as regards experiments anybody could not surpass in Paris kontsept Espera Sbarro 8. This uglevolokonnyj hotrod W 360 - the strong engine from Maserati has been created by students of school of design Espera Sbarro Montbeliard of all for eight weeks. Cheerful students, obviously, not especially were engaged in aerodynamics and a technical part of the car, but have hastened to supply with its radio tape recorder on the basis of Android and the tablet computer, 4 an exit in the Internet and communications with online - market Asteroid Market.