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Regeneration of the tramp

Pickups from utilitarian commercial trucks 4 farmers and builders gradually turn to comfortable vehicles 4 summer residents and other fans of departures for limits of asphalt roads. New Ford Ranger, having RCVed an automatic transmission and rich equipment, it is aimed at those who dreamt before only of a traditional off-road car.

the truck on the citizen

Such already happened W military cars. Purely utilitarian army off-road cars too gradually acquired comfort, have not turned yet to separate, especially civil kind of cars, practically anything the general not having W a prototype. We will look at an average city crossover: frames are not present, the dependent suspension bracket is not present, the hill-climbing gear in transmission is not present, rigid blocking are not present. Inside all such that in dirty boots already in any way, and a machine gun there is no place to put.

Approximately the same expensive evolution roll pickups — In the past purely commercial double lorries — transport of farmers and builders. And now — rich furnish, a comfortable suspension bracket, the powerful motor W an automatic transmission, plus dvuhrjadnaja a five-seater cabin W four high-grade dvermi. However, 4 a body in such variant of a place remains a little, the long ladder sticks out of it, the seeder is not located. A body — here the rudiment is already faster, is simple while absolutely has not disappeared yet as superfluous.

visited on the test of Ford Ranger Limited 2. 2 W automatic transmission and a double cabin it is difficult to carry to utilitarian commercial trucks, as well as its other competitors W brilliant bumpers, parktronikami, leather armchairs and the built in screens of satellite navigating systems. It, in my opinion, more personal, civil and, we will not palter, as a matter of fact an automobile vehicle though in the log and it is written " onboard cargo ". It is quite comfortable cabin on quite comfortable off-road chassis. And that body W beautiful metal arches — not the cargo platform 4 installation of a dirty concrete mixer, and is faster an element of style of the country. But also a hint that the man driving, owns not only ajfonom and the laptop, but also a set of chisels.

SOW, a body not such small and useless: its sizes 1560 on 1560 mm at height of boards of 511 mm. Load-carrying capacity and at all serious — 1137 kg. That is dlinnomery or kvadrotsikl it will turn out to carry only W the cast away back board, but bags W cement it is possible to pile much.

the cabin of new Ford Ranger as though hints that it, of course, 4 the muzhik, but 4 the muzhik who has refused dense prejudices. Him, for example, should not confuse gently - blue light-emitting diode illumination of door handles. In too time the man should be enough brutalen not to notice absence of a pocket mirror in a sun-protection peak from the driver`s party and impossibility of adjustment of a steering column on a departure.

driving is obliged to be the guy advanced in the technical plan, differently what for to it built in Bluetooth - set 4 TEL and translation possibility through an onboard audiosystem (rather decent, SOW) music from a gadget lying in a pocket. But strongly spoilt it too should not be, that did not make a wry mouth at the sight of rigid plastic, plain buttons and the tiny screen onboard navigatsionno - entertaining system.

the man owning Ford Ranger, can appreciate comfort which give a climate - control, seats W electroadjustments and heating or a volume box - an armrest W possibility of cooling of the contents, two coasters and three 12 - volt sockets. But during too time it should be able cope independently with difficulties like not closed completely deflektorov ventilation, the microscopic sizes ochechnika and absence of an ashtray.

in comparison with the previous generation new Ford Ranger looks more, above and in the whole rich man. That is important, abundant of brilliant and plastic details, elegant disks, thresholds and other ukrashatelstvo — all it does not do the car less serious and strong by sight. IOW, if conditionally to divide cars on plastic and iron, Ford Ranger, certainly, iron.

the off-road car and the small cart

to Whom was necessary to go in frame off-road cars and pickups, at once will notice that Ford Ranger of new generation favourably differs from many of them on convenience of landing at the wheel. There is no sensation of a high floor which begins there where the seat pillow comes to an end, there is no necessity to extend a foot 2 pedals almost horizontally. The range of adjustments sufficient to take seat practically on - automobile. Unless pedals as it seemed to me, hang unusually vysokovato. W the small size of footwear you press pedals a boot sock.

the review from a driver`s place opens so Gud, what EVN is imperceptible that drive the car in length of 5 m 36 Lateral mirrors huge, W/ O appreciable distortions of prospect see, salonnoe the mirror has the built in screen of a back videocamera. At a parking W/ O a habit the most problem place — in front of the car. The high cowl does not give correct representation ABT length peredka, and parktroniki, EVN in the richest complete set, are regularly established only behind. It is twice insulting, as the bumper in front costs gentle, plastic. The picture from a rear-view camera very small and too can mislead, but under a body the strong iron profile W a turnbuckle hook is suspended.

W ergonomics of a driver`s place too as a whole that`s OK. The wheel concerning the small size, does not block devices and conveniently lies in hands. Management of options a climate - control, musical system and navigation demands some accustoming, but from road does not distract. The screen from - for very modest sizes is not so convenient for navigation: it simply does not show all information which habitually to C on more advanced devices.

in the dark new Ford Ranger does not grow blind, unlike cars intended for the American market, at it quite decent light galogenovyh headlights (ksenon regularly it is not established), automatics W light gauge includes in time a passing light of headlights, in the rest of the time day running fires, unfortunately, not light-emitting diode constantly burn. The salon is illuminated very Gud, at least 4 a pickup unless in the door panel the button driver`s steklopodemnika is highlighted only, for the others in the dark search to the touch.

on the move Ford Ranger W automatic 6 - a step box and a turbodiesel in volume of 2,2 l 4 a truck is quite nimble. Razgonnaja dynamics is, of course, far from sports, but the captain - a snail of do not feel. At AKPP there is EVN rare 4 a pickup a sports mode, but, in my opinion, it does not give any side benefits unless transfers to it can be switched manually.

it is necessary to notice that the test car has appeared rather silent. Diesel engines never were the best friends of silence, but in comparison with the colleagues on a class, motor Ranger has proved to be in this plan exclusively from the Gud party that on single that on high turns.

a wheel at Ford Ranger empty and EZ. In a city stream or on a parking it can be advantage to the big car, but having dispersed in the country, at once understand that operate the two-ton rear-wheel car on a high shaky suspension bracket W nedozagruzhennoj a back axis on a dependent suspension bracket. However, if to avoid sharp movements by a wheel and not to suppose a swing, to operate car quite comfortably. The majority of pickups known to me and the heavy frame off-road cars which do not have a constant full drive, for the speed cope where worse new Ford Ranger. If so left that has slightly gone too far with a speed, it is better to remember in time about brakes, they at Ranger Gud, worthy cars which W cargo can weigh 3,2 tons.

the suspension bracket though has propensity to a swing and lists, easy behaves on hollows, cracks, holes and other road roughnesses. A misfortune of the majority of pickups — a back axis jumping up at not loaded body, here it is possible to tell that it is defeated: " lying policemen " you pass back wheels W/ O habitual zamiranija hearts.

advantages dlinnohodnoj suspension brackets reveal on impassability when the equal road under Ford Ranger wheels does not appear at all. Then you remember about a full drive, in usual conditions on the car not used. Unfortunately, the interaxal differential at new generation of Ford Ranger is not present, the forward axis can be connected only rigidly, but now it is possible to do it without stopping.

we sent on errands the car in one of operating sandy open-cast mines — a proud rank of an all-wheel drive pickup it not posramil. Two off-road modes — W a hill-climbing gear and W/ O — plus the help of electronic systems of stabilisation and control on descent, in my opinion, should suffice the average fan to call in far away and more deeply. It is not necessary to 4get only that the base at a pickup long enough and if it is possible to plant it on a frame, will help unless a tractor.

in the whole Ford Ranger of new generation has proved to be the interesting car which can use on - to a miscellaneous. It can be simultaneously and a truck 4 a trip on the building market, and an off-road car 4 travel on fishing, and can be comfortable family car 4 usual movement in shop or on a summer residence. The pickup 4 many already became more accessible alternative to an off-road car. In the presence of automatic transmission, a Gud noise isolation, a comfortable suspension bracket and rich equipment the difference is not too great.