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Sign on Japanese quality

All over the world a brand " Toyota " associates with reliability, security and high quality servicing. The company daily supports the reputation, continuing to raise both quality of cars, and service level.

high standards

In 1930 - h years " Toyota " has let out the first mass model — Toyota G1 truck. When one of these cars has broken, the founder of company Kiichiro Tojoda W several engineers have personally arrived 2 the client, together with employees of the dealer they have eliminated breakage. A principle " the Client on the first place " became base concept of philosophy of servicing of the company " Toyota " from the very beginning of its existence. Since then it was never reconsidered and not called in question. In this philosophy the formula of success used in all W/ O an exception the dealer CTRs " is concluded; Toyotas ": " Care of the client + accuracy of operations = trust of the client ". Being guided by these values, the company has reached essential successes.

service " Toyotas " — it more than the set of services, is the high-grade brand constructed on unique Japanese model of management which guarantees quality assurance at ANY1 stage of service of the car. Upon termination of WRK the car passes also target quality assurance during which time are CKed not only served sites and units, but also the general technical status. Service advisers all time watch a course of WRK to check their quality and to be convinced that all amount of works is carried out in time.

official dealers and partners " Toyotas " worldwide bear responsibility B4 the head company for conformity to uniform corporate requirements. That is all W/ O an exception work under the same standards which are observed by their Japanese, Russian, American and European colleagues.

underlining importance of preservation of high level of servicing, " Toyota " develops the unique program " Toyota Service Management " (TSM). Its purpose — to provide the maximum estimation of quality of given services. Within the limits of this program " Toyota " spends annual certification of ANY1 official dealer and the partner, CKing their conformity more than to 450 standards TCM.

Realization of this project has begun for the first time in Europe in 1994. The pilot project has been started in Germany. Distribution of program TSM passed stage by stage, and results were carefully traced with reference to ANY1 country separately. In Russia this project started in 2006 and now is actively realised in all dealer network " Toyotas " Forces of the trained and certificated experts of the company " Toyota " in Russia (Open Company " Toyota the Motor ").

the Come year becomes especial 4 the Russian clients " Toyotas ": the company " Toyota the Motor " specially for our market develops and starts a brand " Official service of Toyota ". In its basis three priorities are put: " Comfort " " the Openness " and " Confidence ".

Triniti of success

ABT as much as possible comfortable service " Toyotas " will tell NE who at least time was the client of this company. It is enough to automobile owner to arrive to the dealer CTR to RCV under one roof at once all spectrum of services: from a sink B4 kuzovnogo repair, from the order of spare parts before purchase of accessories. Thus official dealers very much make thrifty use of precious time of clients, offering not only preliminary record for time convenient for the client, but also unique service 4 the automobile market — " Toyota the Express train Service " High-grade maintenance service of the car of all for 1 hour of 30 minutes. Optimisation of industrial and organizational processes allows to reduce cardinally a holding time, thus cost and quality of services do not differ from cost and quality standard THAT. Speed is reached thanks to simultaneous WRK of two skilled mechanics, an optimum technological chain of actions and use of the special equipment.

4 comfort of clients the company 2 offers the contract " the Formula " Toyota " ". He assumes that if during period of validity of service the client finds out malfunctions in WRK of the basic units and car sites, they will be completely eliminated by the official dealer. And it will cost nothing to the automobile owner.

seasonal services which offers " Toyota " solve a problem of preparation of the car 2 a new season. In Russia cars are maintained in uneasy conditions: sharp change of weather can become a source of breakages. In the winter low temperatures, a bad road covering and various chemical reagents become serious risk factors which lead to the accelerated deterioration of mechanisms. Road conditions in the spring, in the summer and in the autumn 2 have the nuances. B4 the beginning of ANY1 season official dealers and partners " Toyotas " offer special programs for preparation of the car taking into account the Russian realities. Seasonal checks allow to reveal possible technical malfunctions at an early stage, to check level of deterioration of sites, thereby relieving the automobile owner of not planned expenditure for serious repair.

an openness of official service of Toyota — it not only excursions on the dealer CTRs within the limits of the program " Welcome to a family " Toyota " " Where to the NE potential and present client W/ O problems will show the established modern equipment, will tell about subtleties and repair stages, will acquaint with employees of the dealer CTR and will answer NE questions. 4 " Toyotas " the transparency of mutual relations W the client which means fair pricing at official dealers is extremely important. Predict cost of maintenance service the client can by means of the booklet " Maintenance service of your car " which includes the list of WRK on ANY1 model of the car of Toyota depending on run W instructions of their cost. For an information openness at cost THAT or repair responds the service adviser. Together with the client it makes external survey of the car and carries out preliminary diagnostics. The adviser is always ready to explain, what WRK are necessary for executing, how much they will cost, and necessarily marks wishes of the owner of Toyota at order registration. In the order cost of forthcoming WRK and spare parts will be specified. If additional WRK be required, the service adviser at first will co-ordinate their cost and terms of performance with the client. Thus the decision always remains for the automobile owner. That is any unpleasant surprises in the form of unexpected surcharges. Returning the car, the service adviser will tell, what WRK have been executed also what results of diagnostics, and also will make recommendations about operation.

to the NE client not only will necessarily explain, what WRK will be made and what for. The automobile owner can always observe of a course of repair work directly from a comfortable zone of expectation — through a window or the monitor on which there is a direct transmission from a repair zone. And if someone wants to be present personally in remzone the employee of the dealer CTR will organise access and will take care of security.

a slogan of official service " you Toyota is surrounded by care " supports confidence of the client that its car always is under protection of professionals " Toyotas ". Employees of the official dealer regularly are trained and raise level of the qualification in the specialised educational CTR " Toyotas ". In Moscow there is the largest in Europe the Information centre " Toyotas " the area of 6 thousand in sq. m. the Multilevel system of preparation allows technology professionals to be well informed about the advanced technologies used by the company by manufacture of cars.

telling about unique service " Toyotas " It is necessary to tell about how the company cares of environment, trying to reduce influence by it at all stages of maintenance service. After work the service adviser suggests automobile owners to leave the replaced spare parts in the dealer CTR where will take care of their recycling according to norms of the operating Russian legislation. Clients can be assured that all waste of service of the car will be directed on neutralisation and processing. Besides, all official dealers and partners " Toyotas " have the special equipment on sewage treatment. In the course of a sink and service of the car water becomes soiled butter and other technical liquids. Therefore the company clears sewage of oil products before they will get to city system of the water drain, and then in reservoirs. Official dealers and partners " Toyotas " use also other unique equipment. In particular, design features of installation 4 service of central airs completely exclude probability of leak of the coolants destroying an ozone layer and contributing in global warming.