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Rules 4 the investor

If you do not want to remain in an old age W pension of 10 thousand rbl., it is necessary to follow several simple rules: Evgenie Dankevich , the chairman of the board of bank " Opening " tells, how it operates own savings. to beginners carries. I have made the First investments by office necessity for 1993 when has started to be engaged in broker business. The investment, and gamble into professional sense of this word was faster it not. My first experience was successful, after all to beginners often carries. And we have earned first million already business, on buying up of actions " Mosenergo " — it was the arbitration.

heavy losses happened. All through it pass, and it is the most useful experience. The main thing — to be able to take from all lessons and to continue to work. Last epic fail at me was in 2000. It is the well-known history, doing not wash personally, but I participated in it — History W futures for natural gas in the USA.

correct distribution of actives. My present investments are not calculated on earning any huge percent, — this simply correct distribution of actives. In crisis, of course, tried to earn and has earned — there were many arbitration situations. Money perfectly overworks in crisis. The big investors lose often, CUZ they not can to leave QIK the market owing to the size, and small in crisis should earn.

I have a small bill on which I speculate. It entertains me, I RCV from it pleasure. Volume of gamble absolutely small. And owing to WRK, shortage of time and other formal restrictions more also it is impossible.

If there is no big difference in conditions, I invest, of course, through " Opening " — in PIFS. But if, for example, other bank in what I work, thus he not less qualitative and reliable offers the rate much above, than, I will put a part of money there.

Structure of my portfolio: 10 - 15 % — deposits, 70 % — securities, the rest — real estate, OMS, all on a science. I not the G9 trader, but experience and ability to take lessons allow to come through any time 2 profitableness, which essentially above, than on the deposit. The 20 - 30 % a year always can be earned.

time, money and English. There is a perfect book — " the Reasonable investor " Benjamin Graham. Investment — fascinating employment: it is necessary to search for the companies which are little-known 2DAY, and 2MORO, maybe, become new Google and Apple. If there is time, small money and ability to read on - anglijski, it is possible to find weight of the interesting. Newsfeeds 4 investors instead of telling, how the dollar exchange rate has changed, would do regular reviews on different areas of business is better: what the startups, new technologies, what prospects at them appear.

investments do not bring superincomes. the Key MOM: investments — it not a way of reception of the superincome, the investment 4 me — a way of preservation earned.

people do not feel that for ten years purchasing capacity of money in a number of life areas can decrease ten times at inflation 15 - 25 %, therefore preservation fairly earned — a problem enormous. Investments into actions (in business) — one of few ways to save that you have. Perhaps still real estate, but there the complexities. It is not necessary to count on superincomes, there is quite enough 20 % a year — it is already excellent.

Long-term investment practically does not bear in itself essential risk. AAM investment in indexes always profitable on time wide interval. And gamble, as well as NE WRK or business (gamble — it is business, instead of investment), can and make you rich, and ruin.

simplicity — the keystone to success. Investments should be arranged very simply, EVN is primitive. A part of money — on deposits which should make semi-annual or if it is possible for itself to allow, annual consumption. 2 the insurance, all the rest &mdash is obligatory; long-term investments, term and which size depend on age. Any part is obligatory for putting in the metals, any — in the action (bonded and index PIFS, trust management). It is possible to put in commodity tools, it is obligatory — in real estate. If to SPK about large capitals, at the correct approach the Gud income can be RCVed from investments in art. Wine — too the excellent investment, almost as the bond.

" I am afraid that I will have a dandruff, therefore will cut off to itself a head ". I work in the market from the middle 90 - h years and constantly I hear: it is not clear that will be 2MORO. And what has happened? Yes, there was a crisis, but securities anywhere do not share, after crisis they have gone upwards. There was a second crisis, but then AGN all has grown, including real estate.

it is very difficult to earn, investing for very short period. And personally at me experience of long-term investments the old. In 1996, apparently, I have bought " Gazprom " on 15 cents, has worried W it 1998 when it absolutely cost nothing, and has sold it in the beginning 2000 - h on $1,07. Then I have understood that such long-term investments.

It is possible to SPK 20 years: " Oh, it is not clear that 2MORO will be " and after all for these 20 years it was possible to become rich already. If to be afraid, what there will be a dandruff, what, it is better to cut off in advance to itself a head?

" the grandfather bought — became rich ". Here everything that it is necessary to SPK children: " Children, 3 - 5 % of the income need to be invested in the action, 50 % — it is impossible. They need to be invested for ten years and longer then you will have profit and worthy pension and if do not become, the state to you on an old age of years 10 thousand rbl. a MTH " will pay whole 8 or EVN;.

Yes, children should tell, how actions that such dividends are arranged. It is quite good to be able to consider difficult percent, but it far is not obligatory. It is important to form correct habits and stereotypes: ANY1 — The master of fate, it is necessary to think of the future, gradually to postpone, it is not necessary to incur the big risks, it is not necessary to be conducted on gamble, time works on you, the grandfather bought — became rich. Here and all literacy.

the main thing — to learn to estimate risks and not to suppose heavy losses CUZ if there are no heavy losses, SOL there will be a big profit.