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Victor Basargin has supported Romana PanovaThe Perm governor does not doubt professionalism of the subordinate.

Arrest of the deputy minister of regional development of the Russian Federation of the Novel of Panova which is suspected of plunder of budgetary funds by preparation for summit ATES in Vladivostok, will not affect WRK of the Perm government. It was declared 2DAY by the Perm governor, in the past head Minregiona Victor Basargin who has put forward mister Panova on a post of the head of the regional government. The governor intends to incur a management of the regional government, and the public urges not to hurry W conclusions and to wait judgements. the governor of the Perm edge Victor Basargin has declared that arrest of the deputy minister of regional development of the Russian Federation of the Novel of Panova co-ordinated as the new chairman of the regional government, will not affect WRK of regional authorities. The head of Prikamye has declared that events of the last days off will not lead to personnel shifts in a regional office of the government. To supervise over the Perm cabinet Victor Basargin while intend itself, and ABT government resignation, as he said, speech does not go.

we will remind, the Tver district court of Moscow authorised arrest of deputy minister Minregionrazvitija of the Russian Federation Romana Panova. It is one of suspects on a sensational case ABT plunders at the organisation of summit ATES in Vladivostok this year. Mister Panov can be accused of plunder more than 93 million rbl., he does not recognise the fault and is ready to co-operate with the investigation. Arrest has occurred within the limits of investigation of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation of criminal case raised by investigatory department on ch. 4 items 159 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (the swindle made in especially large size by a group of persons on preliminary arrangement). Under the version of the investigation, the organizer of criminal schemes was a number of officials of a key element of Minregionrazvitija of the Russian Federation, including the Novel of Sirs. Under the version of the investigation, members of criminal group organised carrying out of competitions on the conclusion of state contracts on engineering and scientifically - to technical support of building of objects of the summit, and also on voluntary insurance of not completed objects then provided victory in them to under control business concerns which did not accept real participation in WRK.

"now I would not began to do hasty conclusions and offers. Corresponding bodies are engaged in the given case. I am assured that they in all will understand. And to define guiltliness or innocence of the person the court" has the right only, - quotes words of the governor its press - service.

in the blog the governor has added that does not doubt Romana Panova professionalism." From the words when I characterised it as the knowing and competent worker, I do not refuse ", - the governor assures. Victor Basargin notices that Romana Panova arrest does not concern the Perm edge:" All minuses happened and consequences fall first of all on me, and I am ready to accept them that it was not reflected negatively in image of the Perm edge ".

the head of Prikamye 2 intends to address With the report on Panova which have happened round the Novel of a situation to deputies of regional Legislative Assembly at the nearest session." Members of parliament will have a possibility to ask NE interesting questions ", - has noted a source in an environment Victor Basargina.