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Polish PGNiG has agreed with "Gazprom" about revision of the formula of the price for gas

Polish PGNiG has agreed with Gazprom about revision of the formula of the price for gas. The Polish concern plans to save on it almost $1 billion Thus the parties components which reflects current market price of gas, but W/ O a direct binding to a spot have agreed about introduction in the formula of the price. Gazprom has allowed a discount under contracts on gas purchase to one of the most vigorous opponents among the European consumers - to the Polish concern PGNiG. 2DAY the vice-president of board of monopoly Alexander Medvedev and preboards PGNiG Grazhina Piotrovska - the Olive have signed addition to "the Yamal contract» ABT gas deliveries to Poland on the pipeline Yamal-Europe in which pricing principles under the given contract are reconsidered. The Polish party expects that formula revision will be expressed, in particular, in economy approximately $1 mlrd during the current year. The parties 2 have agreed about the termination of arbitration process in Stockholm, initiated in February Poland.

"the price of raw materials reached by negotiations considers current market prices of gas and oil products, - informs Gazprom. - into question basic principles of trade by natural gas thus are not called - long-term contracts, a principle" take or pay ", and also a petrogrocery binding». Spotovaja a component taking into account realities of the Polish market directly it will not be entered into the contract, speaks in a MSG. Nevertheless the Polish party underlines that the new formula is adhered to the gas market." The co-ordinated price formula 2 will reflect current market prices of gas», - informs PGNiG. The source close to monopoly, explains that the binding to the gas market really exists, however it is expressed through a component, not connected directly with spotovymi quotations.

the question on occurrence of retroactive payments in connection with formula revision does not reveal. Gazprom, urged to make concessions on conditions of price contracts W Europe, concerning the majority of them has reconsidered contracts backdating that has created necessity of return of the considerable sums for two last years years. Last week the monopoly has informed in the reporting that payments under this article for the first half of the year of current year have exceeded 133 mlrd rbl., and announced revision of contracts W new counterparts.