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ABT personnel selection of the Chinese authorities

Article about the latent billions relatives of the prime minister of the State Council of the Peoples Republic of China Ven Tszjabao has appeared in The New York Times some days before the beginning of fatal XVIII congress of ruling Communist Party of China from which starts process of personnel rotation of the higher echelons in party and the government. Before change of the head of the office formally four more MTH — transfer premerskih powers will occur at session of Vsekitajsky meeting of national representatives in March of the next year. But it is more important premerskih than powers of power party: " fifth generation " the Chinese leaders it is formed at handheld computer congress. On it all basic questions of the national agenda &mdash are discussed; political, economic, social, diplomatic. A place of the leader of the party, and then the state and army should occupy present vitse - the chairman of the Peoples Republic of China Si Tszinpin who will replace Hu Jintao. Ven Tszjabao too will leave Political bureau standing committee, having released thereby an armchair 4 the future prime minister Li Ketsjana.

rotation Rules: check on durability

This mechanism of continuity was thought up by Dan Sjaopin whom, SPK, EVN has painted on years of the reliefs — Tszjan Zemin, at which premerstvoval Chzhu Zhuntszi known in near circles as BOS Chzhu; Hu Jintao in a tandem W Ven Tszjabao. Like Si Tszinpin too would appear in this register. The architect of the Chinese reforms, despite the ridiculous name &mdash far looked; " the small world " corresponding it almost to one-and-a-half-metre growth.

we will notice in brackets: the Chinese M8 correctly do. Accurate breakdown of heads on age groups, their ordered sacramental of ward - leaving ANY1 10 years facilitate life " laobajsin " — to carriers of 100 old surnames, that is simple people. All is clear and is transparent, in the tideway of old kind konfutsianskoj ethics.

and here this most delicate MOM of a baton pass there is article in the transatlantic newspaper about incomes and actives of a WF, mother, younger brother Ven Tszjabao, and W details: which decisions of the government and how contributed in augmentation of related accumulation. In total clan of the native prime minister if to believe the resulted data, supervises 2,7 mlrd dollars. To catch such data, participations concerning various financial schemes, for example, in insurance business, " from newspapers " it is impossible, to you the NE expert will CFM with it. The New York Times, certainly, results some sources — Bloomberg and EVN WikiLeaks. But these links — 4 especially naive. The question at the others remains: whence drovishki?

In chajnanete — the Chinese segment of the Internet — article has been immediately blocked. Ven, according to Hong Kong South China Morning Post, was converted into the Political bureau of the Central Committee of a handheld computer W the request to inspect the data resulted by the newspaper. In China the Commission of the Central Committee of a handheld computer on discipline check &mdash is engaged in such procedures; " a sentry dog " parties. From its party of any official comments has not followed yet.

personnel questions in Heavenly Empire are extremely important. In them the continuity of the power, exaltation and nishozhdenie, and even falling of the central and regional elite, an antagonism of political groups, ideas and tendencies of the Chinese society are reflected. Will get the best party " conservatives " or " liberals "? From exod of these fights which are conducted in shady avenues Chzhunnanhaja — partijno - the state residence in " the Forbidden city " — much depends. A leah will dominate public sector of economy or more will will RCV a growing private sector? Leah can civil fraction in the Chinese tops and further is effective keep military men or " green peak-caps " will expand the possibilities to define foreign policy of the country which becomes more and more energetic in relation to neighbours in East - Chinese and Southern - Chinese the seas?

the question who will be the leader of the party and the states, has been solved still four years ago when Si Tszinpin became the vice-president of the Peoples Republic of China. But Si — only one of present nine members of standing committee of the Political bureau of the Central Committee of a handheld computer, as the secretary general it the first among the equal. In this top echelon of the Chinese political power, on hearings, democratic atmosphere reigns, questions behind a mug of green tea are discussed freely, ANY1 voices and defends the opinion, at least, until will pass voting. To advance there the person or to shake any thin intrigue of a position of a competing clan before congress — motives quite distinct.

In a plot which is developed round Ven Tszjabao, however, not all so simply. Frankly speaking, it is not considered the leader of any grouping. For example, parties " princes " (children of the high-ranking heads of times Mao and Dan) or " members of the Komsomol " (natives of the Central Committee of the Communistic union of youth of China over whom when - that Hu Jintao supervised). M8 Ven not " shanhaets " and not " regional " that is does not represent local influential groupings like quick by a part to buy - to sell southerners. Probably, for this reason it became a long-liver of the Chinese political scene.

secrets of political longevity

Vneshnost Ven Tszjabao casts thoughts on the best pupil: points in a thin frame, immutable a dark suit, a snow-white shirt, at a tie, an accurate hairdress. Once has C the author of these lines on action — Has from apart waved with a hand, has smiled as the old acquaintance. And the Chinese journalists have CFMed: memory at it simply phenomenal if time - another asked it a question on a press - conferences — precisely will not 4get.

Ven — from the family of rural teachers which were living in the country. However, this village — rural suburb of Tianjin, one of the most developed Chinese megacities, large port. In Old China there there was a big foreign colony, the international influence was felt. Probably, this pogranichnost between a city and village, between China and an external world has defined Gud knowledge the future prime minister of problems both industrial, and rural China, understanding of its role and possibilities in the world.

successfully studied at the Peking geological institute as the geologist, after the termination has entered postgraduate study on a speciality " the Geological structure of the Earth ". Probably, would become scientists - the geologist. But the Cultural revolution, and in 1968 W millions other representatives of the formed youth of Venja, already a member of a handheld computer has begun, have sent to the remote place — in a province of Gansu on Big Severo - the West where it worked 10 years in geologo - prospecting party, at first the technician, then the political instructor.

Gansu — it is the Chinese Kolyma: the severe conditions, rich bowels, the rare population and camp of prisoners. In 1981 Ven Tszjabao, then already the chief provincial geologoupravlenija, merited a nickname " a walking map of minerals of Gansu " has gone to Beijing where blew new — reformennye — winds. From the Ministry of geology and natural resources Ven Tszjabao which QIK have served to the deputy minister, has got in tsekovskuju partshkolu. In 1986 became the chief of Office of the Central Committee of a handheld computer.

really it is necessary to write this Office from capital letter. It defines all schedule of practical WRK of party. Ven Tszjabao was responsible for the agenda of sessions of a party management and edited, and even made party documents. Thus at all has not grown proud, saving all the same kind of the diligent schoolboy.

would be wrong to consider as its such desk drudge, the Chinese Acacius Akakievichem who has promoted thanks to the perfect memory and calligraphical handwriting. BTW, in China the calligraphy is really honoured as first sign of the intelligent person, tszjuntszy — the perfect husband. Therefore all Chinese leaders do till now in any cases of an inscription by a brush, CFMing B4 the people with the supervising quality.

office of the Central Committee of a handheld computer — it is authority, but shadow. As its head Ven Tszjabao closely co-operated at first with Hu Jaobanom, the secretary general who has been removed for a connivance " it is superfluous " to democratic tendencies, and then W Chzhao Tszyjanom, the prime minister of the State Council, the secretary general of the Central Committee of a handheld computer.

On the well-known picture made on the area of Tjananmen in 1989, for two weeks before dispersal of student`s performances, Ven Tszjabao stands up for a back of Chzhao Tszyjana crying together with students. Costs and looks directly in the chamber a clever sight W/ O a sign of any emotions. Y Ven has come on the area if everything including to Chzhao Tszyjanu, it was clear, what all this democratic fermentation here - here ends, and the most violent image? Not clearly.

it is not clearer, Y Chzhao Tszyjan after dispersal of a student`s party on Tjananmeni has gone under house arrest (under which has died in 2005), and Ven Tszjabao remained in power structures, having adjoined the moderate reformers grouped round the new secretary general and the head of the state — Tszjan Zemin. It is said that Ven is sensible has confessed in errors and has been left as the person absolutely irreplaceable. Ostensibly it has explained that should go on the area together with Chzhao Tszyjanom as that was then the head. Such here understanding of a debt.

in 1992 Ven Tszjabao — the candidate for members of the Political bureau of the Central Committee of a handheld computer, in 1997 — already a member of the Political bureau. It has been appointed to the next year by the assistant to the prime minister of the State Council of the Peoples Republic of China. On this fast prosecuted the most difficult subjects — the finance, struggle against acts of nature and country gardening, the help to poor areas. Thus seemed any aeriform being, modest " a party small screw " in the spirit of the self-denying hero 1960 - h years — Lej the Fan.

Ven Tszjabao has proved to be rather competent head. It showed understanding both the general problems of the Chinese reform, and delicate problems, for example, bank sector. And on questions on the political convictions SPK: " I Believe that a socialism — this sea, and the sea is inexhaustible ". But there and then added that 4 perfection of this shoreless sea " some centuries " is required more than hundred years, probably, EVN;. Also looked fool in the face to the asking.

thus during recent trips on the country he repeatedly supported transformation of bank system, first of all at the expense of refusal of the state monopoly for the financial reference, for legalisation of means shadow bankinga. And this year has suddenly declared after session of Vsekitajsky meeting of national representatives that political reforms wherefore W/ O them in the country AGN there can be a Cultural revolution are necessary.

who has substituted the prime minister

it seems that Ven meant a situation W the secretary of Communist Party committee of the city of Chungking of Bo Silaem of that time, a perspective member of the Political bureau of the Central Committee of a handheld computer, from populist reasons propagandising " red culture ". In this megacity instead of " soap operas " On the TV revolutionary songs were passed, and the population vigorously went to campaigns in places of glory of a handheld computer.

several MTH ago the Chinese court has sentenced to the death penalty W a two-year delay spouse Bo Silaja, having charged with it with a deliberate poisoning of the British subject Nile Hejvuda (the British press recognised that Hejvud worked on MI6). But journalists have got to the bottom of the materials, allowing to assume that actually W Hejvudom Bo Silaj has finished: most likely this " entrusted " the foreigner could compromise the politician and it should be cleaned. And the WF has served 4 operation cover.

when there was a scandalous American publication ABT mammons of a family of the prime minister, at once there was a version: for Bo Silaem there were influential forces to which did not like Ven Tszjabao W its liberal economic platform and appeals 2 political reforms. They could organise distribution of data on the latent incomes of relatives of M8 Venja. Say, usual political chess: you have spent attack to our person, we do a reciprocal course.

to assume that Ven Tszjabao have substituted certain mysterious " conservatives " wishing to brake advancement of China 2 the light liberal future, like it is reasonable. But, alas, it is necessary to recognise this thought unpromising. That is substitute, basically, could, but that through the American newspaper... 4 Chineses the way through the Hong Kong mass-media would be more logical.

and here the British special service mentioned above quite could do such feint. It was necessary to recoup on someone for a shattering failure of Bo Silaja which foggy Albion, probably, considered or hoped to make the agent of influence in the Chinese top.

some observers voice also such assumption: Business of Bo Silaja as a whole has been organised by the western special services which have not regretted EVN " James Bond " — Nile Hejvuda. What for? To weaken China, to bring dissonance in its top echelon. Then it turns out that the West more arranges " conservative " a way of development of the Peoples Republic of China, its returning under unequivocally red banners W a profile of the great helmsman? And you think, what are not present?

one variant Is possible, of course, and more. Anybody substituted nobody, simply The New York Times podsobrala curious materialets ABT the Chinese prime minister and has published it W/ O any ulterior motive on the pages. But it absolutely fantastic version.