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Y " Rostelecom " have chosen the unique executor under the program " the Electronic government "

Y " Rostelecom " have chosen the unique executor under the program " the Electronic government " also that the company intends to do after end of this project, to the correspondent of the newspaper Alexey Nashchekin, the vice-president " has told; Rostelecom " on innovative development. the newspaper: In what there was a problem " Rostelecom " in the project of electronic state services? What is already made, what it is necessary to complete?

ALEXEY NASHCHEKIN: We are responsible for all infrastructure of the electronic government. It is a portal and interdepartmental electronic interaction — huge territorially the distributed system to which it is connected about 1,1 thousand information systems and is conducted a data interchange. Present country scale: 80 federal authorities, 83 subjects, 26 thousand municipalities, 2 million officials. Our problem was to make the electronic bridge between officials and people and officials and officials on all country. It is the first similar integration project, in the world of such problems nobody solved. For example, in the USA, where similar division of the country, everywhere the systems. At the leader on development of the electronic government of South Korea the monosystem, but its territory is non-comparable on the size to the Russian.

we from zero have developed the system project, have written all software of system (the Russian developers on opened ON), certified, have certificated, have developed on all country and all subjects of federation have connected. It is the first part. The second part — methodological WRK, completion of regulations, training of officials to WRK in this system. At federal level interaction goes already about a year. Now a problem — regional, municipal levels. There readiness for electronic interaction the low: approximately 60 % on regional and 15 % — on municipal levels. We do not weaken WRK. I hope, by next year penetration will be about 70 %.

2 in an infrastructure " the Electronic government " the private office &mdash enters; uniform system of identification. On it now work a portal gosuslugi. ru, electronic platforms, agency of strategic initiatives, discussion of legislative initiatives on the Internet, a considerable quantity of resources suffices. The problem was very heavy both technologically, and methodically. We unified system of digital signatures in the country, have created uniform space of trust. If earlier all departments had the structures of digital signatures, worked on the algorithms now all work in uniform standards.

Besides, we have created system of execution of regulations where all applied processes are described. It has allowed to create the electronic multipurpose CTRs where the person can come feet and communicate to the operator, instead of use of a portal or circulation on ten departments.

the newspaper: That will change 4 users of a portal after 70 % of officials will be connected to it?

And. N: Processing rate of references. The resource 210 is now started. gosuslugi. ru 4 complaints of citizens. The law " ABT the organisation of granting of the state and municipal services " has taken effect, but not all observe it: from citizens on - former the inquiry demand. Working in this system, officials can realise norms of the law, and people on a broader scale will cease to carry inquiries, except documents of personal storage (the passport, the pension certificate and etc.).

the Newspaper: That prevents to finish an indicator to 100 %?

And. N: the Subject more organizational, instead of technical. We have solved all technical questions. Now a question of will of the responsible head. Y there was a Renaissance " the Electronic government "? When Sergey Sobjanin headed the governmental commission, it distributed every week magic pendeli in a mode of a video conference to subjects, federal authorities. Now Vladislav Surkov 2 has got into gear — process has gone is more QIK. Coordination of a large quantity of authorities Is required: both regional, and municipal. Except the governor, a comparable financial and administrative resource anybody does not possess. In several subjects after change of the governor liquidated the information ministries, for example in Stavropol Territory, Sverdlovsk area — projects simply rose. Now the situation is corrected.

the Newspaper: And now there is a set of portals on which IAE it is possible to RCV state services. Portals of state bodies, in some places — city portals. For example, since recent time in Moscow the portal pgu is advertised. mos. ru.

And. N: the Budget of information of Moscow — ten billions roubles. The general budget of federal bodies — 80 mlrd rbl., regional — an order 60 mlrd rbl. Development of own portals — it is a question of ambitions and budgets. Agree that the uniform resource of interaction W the state is necessary to the normal person, instead of to search on the Internet of hundred sites.

regions have RCVed all necessary tools 4 working out of the portals as parts of a uniform portal, and the majority of subjects has passed to a uniform platform. For example, the Novosibirsk region. If you type 54. gosuslugi. ru — Portal of Novosibirsk, you will C that it is completely integrated W federal and it is possible to RCV all services: federal, regional and municipal. But until now in 210 - m the law it is written a federal portal of the state services and/ or a regional portal. At the same time there is Vladimir Putin`s commission by the end of next year to spend integration of all state services on a uniform portal that the point 4 citizens was one.

the newspaper: What regions have more promoted in development of electronic state services?

And. N: Number one — the Novosibirsk region. In the end of current year will translate 100 % of services in an electronic kind. On last place the Tver region, Ingushetia.

the newspaper: What of existing ways of reception of state services the most popular?

And. N: Classical — to come feet. But the world changes: We have passed for 3 million registered private offices, 7 million persons a MTH use the information from a portal. Among ways of access 2 electronic services on the first place a portal, then mobile applications, MFTS and infomaty.

the Newspaper: When in 2009 this decision was made, there were alternatives? What will occur, if you lose this status in the future?

And. N: " Rostelecom " — the state company. We are under state control, the huge infrastructure of scale of the country to which has more at anybody is created is not present. Nor one other company does not have infrastructure which reaches ANY1 municipality and in which are invested ten billions a year to finish it to ANY1 remote settlement. One more thing to which I would like to pay attention, — it that we in the project not simply unique supplier, and soinvestor. We put more than the state. All regional infrastructure is created at the expense of our means: all software, all iron, all date - the CTRs. If it was not, the state should enclose billions more.

at the moment of decision-making wishing to invest in electronic state services was a little. And in " Rostelecom " at first 2 this project concerned more as a social duty. Now it brings money. The margin makes an order of 10 %. Investments into horizon of seven - should pay off ten years.

the newspaper: On what you earn?

And. N: Regions instead of building own channels to buy iron, to create the software, rent an infrastructure " the Electronic government " at us. They pay a small monthly fee in a year and RCV it as service. All " the Electronic government " We give to them as " cloudy " service.

the newspaper: Y you have decided to become service - the provider?

And. N: It is intelligent strategy. When we formed the program of innovative development, German consulting company Detecon has carried out the analysis — compared us to the foreign companies like AT &T, Deutsche Telecom, France Telecom. The telecommunication market is sated: the whole world now moves towards services. We have defined 4 ourselves strategy — by 2015 to turn to service - the provider with a considerable share in a gain from new services, " cloudy " decisions.

the newspaper: you intend to advance decisions 7 as service?

And. N: it is unconditional, granting of all decisions as service — this our priority direction of development.

the newspaper: Whom you would name the basic competitors in struggle for performance of various programs of information?

And. N: I would not name their competitors, is faster partners in formation of the new market. We systematically form the third year other approach, we transform the market to the service. All information in the country is constructed so: to buy iron, to buy a software, to build long and persistently, then to tell: Y it does not work, though money is already spent. We SPK: do not buy iron, do not build the channels, do not waste time also money, we are ready to give the ready decision in the shortest terms. You will pay from the MOM when have started to use. While fights go W variable success.

the newspaper: How much you invested in creation of an infrastructure national " cloudy " platforms?

And. N: a $10 million Order in the software and about $80 million in an infrastructure. Thus expenses of departments for creation of own channels and date - the CTRs are estimated an order 30 mlrd rbl. It is possible not to pay 30 mlrd rbl., and to rent an infrastructure at us in times more cheaply.

the newspaper: the Decision what to do — to build the system or to work on " cloudy " technologies, the head of concrete department accepts?

And. N: Yes. The new command of Ministry of Communications hoists the colours " clouds " and now starts to twist nuts that departments did not build an infrastructure, and took from existing players. It is necessary to change standard base. If systematically to pass on " clouds " regarding information we can become real number one in the world.