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The federal antimonopoly service (FAS) will countenance within the next few days the petition of "Megaphone" for purchase of 50 % of actions of "Euronetwork", the head of department Igor Artemev

Federalnaja antimonopoly service (FAS) has informed within the next few days will countenance the petition of "Megaphone" for purchase of 50 % of actions of "Euronetwork", the head of department Igor Artemyev has informed. Till now the decision was postponed from - for presence in the agreement between companies "careless offers". "There is variety of careless assumptions and positions. I think, we on Monday will meet them and we will solve", - mister Artemyev has declared. As he said, that fact that the companies will occupy 20 % of the market, it is normal, but it is necessary to eliminate possibility of monopolisation of the market through agreements, passes "Interfax".

FAS now finishes preparation of the writ to the companies ABT not discrimination access, Igor Artemyev (earlier he noticed that FAS will resolve "Megaphone" and its shareholders to get a share in "Euronetwork" provided that ritejler will trade including production of competitors) has added. Petition consideration has been prolonged for two MTH as after 30 days from the moment of its giving not all questions have been settled.

"it is necessary to us three - four days on it", - the head of service summarised. Now the basic sales volume in shops "Euronetworks" is necessary on "Vympelcom" (49,9 % of "Euronetwork" own, after the transaction W "Megaphone" will increase the share B4 50 %) and MTS, after the transaction MTS place, possibly, will occupy "Megaphone".

that the largest cellular ritejlera Russia "Euronetwork" two operators of "the big three" - "Vympelcom" and "will divide the Megaphone; the sum of transaction can make $1,25-1,35 billion" Megaphone "and under control to Alisher Usmanov Garsdale Services Investment Ltd (owns control in"Megaphone") intend to redeem on 50 % of actions Cyprian Lefbord Investments Ltd which will own 50 % Euroset Holding N V. (head company" Euronetwork "). Besides,"Megaphone"will conclude W Garsdale optsionnoe the agreement, according to which after one year, but not later than three years from the date of its conclusion undertakes to get (and Garsdale - to sell) 50 % Lefbord.

Estimation of cost of"Euronetwork"during the transaction on its purchase of 50 % by Alisher Usmanov`s structures will make $2,4 mlrd taking into account a debt in $300 million that corresponds to factor EV/ EBITDA at level 9,6. Such data was resulted in analytical report Credit Suisse 2 IPO"Megaphones". During transaction Garsdale 2 will pass Alexander Mamutu selling the actions of"Euronetwork", 50 % SUP Media (owns LiveJournal. com," the Newspaper. Ru "," the Championship. com ", Redigo. ru, Quto. ru and sellingovym advertising agency +SOL).