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Michael Serafimov - ABT Victor Deni

this week in the Moscow gallery " proun " on " Winery " the exhibition of posters opens and the drawing of the Soviet artist - caricaturist Victor Deni Before February revolution of the political poster in Russia actually did not exist. However, in World War I cartoons to Kaiser Wilhelm, sultan Magometa, emperor Frantsa - Joseph &mdash were published; it was necessary for education of patriotic spirit and healthy hatred 2 the enemy. Artists - caricaturists used in satirical sheets basten traditions — posters have been calculated on illiterate weights. The innovation and avant-guard have come to the poster L8R, after 1917. Art language poslerevoljutsionnyh posters corresponds to the general situation in art — W variety of currents and directions, from academism B4 avant-guard.

one of founders of the Soviet political poster (a real name — Victor Nikolaevich Deniss) was born in 1893 in Moscow. It occurred from an impoverished sort of noble family. Its first cartoons to Leonid Andreeva, Bryusov, the Northerner, Bunin have appeared even before revolution. In war of Deni ridicules the German Kaiser and its satellites, and after revolution — the tsar, Rasputina, ministers of Provisional government.

a number of posters of Deni 2 leans against traditions of a popular print (" Antanta " " the Fist - miroed " " On a counterrevolution tomb "). But there are also others: they are similar " to allegories " which were known to more formed public: only now instead of Glory, and Valour of personification such concepts, as the Capital, League of the Nations, Church, Bourgeoisie (" are exposed to LUV; Truth Bitter pricks eyes "). Deni creates gallery of statesmen 1920 - 1930 - h years: on them and now it is possible to study political history of Europe.

Deni likes to create " types ": the generalised images burzhuja, a fist, the priest, and after the spy and the enemy of the people 2 belong to its feather, to be exact, to a pencil. Deni the first has represented fascism in the form of a monkey (" the Person of fascism " 1927). In the posters created by Deni in days of war, the generalised representative of a nazi top was the main object of the image: it strives to swallow a saliva which is flowing down from a mouth, to wag a tail - a stump and definitively to fall on chetverenki (" Kill the fascist - the fanatic " " Stalingrad ").

" the Poster should be clear and simple — fast is that the poster. The poster is an arrow — a lightning 2 consciousness of the spectator, be to the spectator like the lightning teacher. The spectator &mdash has looked; with thought it is filled, here it and is the poster! " — so writes Deni in product under the name " Mine myslishki from a notebook ".

To expositions are presented as WRK 1918 - 1920 when Deni participated in release " Windows of satire of GROWTH " and posters of times of the Great Patriotic War.