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ABT personal W Andrey Makarevichem

myself from very early age, I think, two years yet were not. One of the first memoirs as in our communal flat on Volhonka had fun the father, Kerbel and Kibalnikov, and I sat under a table. The father and Kerbel did a monument to Charles Marx, at them have approved the project, probably, about it they and have gathered. And, apparently, Kibalnikov has sung a song which has composed about them about all. BTW, after some years I to the father have sung this song — he has absolutely gone mad, could not believe that I have remembered it, he sang - that its only once... On a broader scale, I became those whom became, thanks to parents, and only to them. Has been terribly adhered to them and 2 the house, tragically endured NE parting — in pionerlagere started to sob while the MA left me, and before it me therefrom visors.

ABT roots

I was terribly LUVed, smothered with caresses, zalaskannyj the child. But in questions of education parents not that that put up an united front. The MA ordered everything that concerned my health or my rescue, — it was the doctor. The father did not participate in it, while she did not start to shout: " Well you sit and are silent!? " then it as - that inertly entered, but as a whole it there was not its archdiocese. The MA was about unbounded scarfs, about wet feet, about throat rinsing... I was sickly, eternally was ill, always in snivels, me named " a cheerful rickets ". To temper me was L8 so basically muffled up and treated. The grandmother, the mum`s MA was the commander in this sense, of course. It was the forensic scientist on Petrovka, 38, Maria Moiseevna Bljahman, it were afraid all. The grandmother since morning till the night vanished on WRK but when it appeared at home — all built, rigidly, present supreme commander in chief. We lived in two rooms on Volhonka — The MA, the PA, the grandmother, aunt Galja and any of my nurses. Nurses changed unboundedly — came from village to marry. Therefore they QIK found any soldier in Aleksandrovsk to a garden while I there dug in sand, and in the house there was a following.

the father unboundedly showed different perfect pieces. He excellent played the piano — in the morning when woke up, and 2NITE, after WRK. All time bought and brought from plate business trips — in the house any interesting music always sounded. Showed me wildly beautiful things — for example, the book " the Polish poster " I remember it till now. The grandmother SPK: " What for, it to it early " and he SPK: " Nothing early ". Read me Mayakovsky though I was absolutely small. That is the MA was about a body, and the PA about soul. As it also should be on a broader scale - that.

it seems To me that I, fortunately, much have made progress in the relation to parents. When we already began to go W " the Time machine " and on all of us went mad, I them sometimes took W myself. Took in Peter — we lived then in magnificent " Baltic " in a two-storeyed suite... They such at all did not represent anything to themselves. We after all lived is very rather poor, at us never was cars, and I C, how they rejoice, and itself terribly rejoiced. And as them in Georgia met... It was terribly pleasant. Then the higher form of encouragement of the popular actor was — to open warehouses. And here in the Far East us have carried on a warehouse obkomovsky, where " there was all ". I have bought to the father a suit French, the MA a dress Italian. Has brought also such important was...

psychologically parents all the same always W8 for return — after all they have spent a large quantity of years, LUV and forces on this monster which has grown also them has 4gotten. That is has not 4gotten — but there were other interests, maids any, and here he calls to them, and to us does not call, and here has left and has not told, where, and here has not come to spend the night... All it was, and when I have remembered it about myself and the parents, it became more EZ to me to cope with it already as the father.

ABT knowledge

Years in six I quite C itself the future biologist. The MA brought to me of small beasts — it worked at tuberculosis Institute, and at them was vivary. Porpoises, rabbits — at us eternally someone lived and stank. A three-volume edition " Lives of animals " Brema at us was not, but it was at the uncle of Israel. It was the extended family, the visible person, in the past bundovets. He lived absolutely nearby, in the Swan lane and while they had with the grandmother any Jewish conversations, to me Brema allowed to look. I terribly LUVed these illustrations, the engravings shifted by a tissue paper. The second grandmother, Lydia Antonovna Makarevich, was the merited teacher, taught biology and very seriously was engaged junnatskim in business. The woman of the Lead has taken away me in a circle — there I kept a diary of supervision over hamsters. However, hamsters have then devoured own children — very much I have grieved then.

study in music I could not to force myself. To LUV and play it — one, and scales on the piano — absolutely another so I also have not made it. As to school as meeting places with knowledge — there all depends only on the teacher. Here there was at me a teacher of the literature David Jakovlevich Rajhin, learnt still my MA. Of it terribly were afraid and very much LUVed. It absolutely spitted on the school program and taught, as considered it necessary. Gud there was a teacher of English, having left school, I knew language decently. H8 mathematics and chemistry — and too I connect it with teachers who were not pleasant. It is necessary to learn the child first of all not to a subject, and to learn to study, operatively to reflect, understand art... And a class with the eighth to begin specialisation, to choose only interesting subjects. The general knowledge — rather conditional concept. I know people extremely formed, thus they full idiots, walking directories — to me W them it is uninteresting.


Ideal women on light are not present. Who it and than will amaze you — it not verbalizuetsja, it is always inexplicable and is unexpected. But if at it thick ankles, a shrill voice or it the silly woman, to it precisely does not threaten to become object of my love. I and have not found an ideal female image, and a love status — this status absolutely painfull in which you are inadequate, ridiculous and extremely uninteresting. With me, at least, always was so. On a broader scale, love in the absence of any experience — it is always very heavy. And the more experience in the course of time came, the less often I fell in love. But 4 me true feeling — always not divided, W/ O the answer. CUZ when the answer is, the LUV QIK turns to something another. I from the girlfriends never W8 for nothing — it was simple to me to be interesting nearby. In due course interest does not disappear, but something starts to irritate, prevents to be 2GETHR. All W/ O an exception my love stories have left a trace which I bear W myself, but have taught nothing: in us the program nastupanija on the same rake is put. And now I already at all do not know, who is necessary to me. And a leah someone is necessary on a broader scale.

ABT important

anybody never in clear SPK Me that is Gud that is bad, — it was understood by itself, podspudno. When I in the childhood few times resorted home from a court yard where to me have strong struck, the grandmother SPK: " Well you cry? Here you have knocked — what will you do? " " To cry " — I SPK. " it is necessary to approach and knock it, has understood? " — " has understood ". " So you will do, if you will knock? " — " to cry ". I in this sense was incorrigible, such not realised pacifist... Now — in ready smaller degree.

we had absolutely not religious family, but absolutely gospel things were the main values 4 me always. To say lies badly CUZ it is unproductive. The betrayer to be bad, to knock badly. To steal badly. It is not necessary to offend anybody. Yes, IDK any person who would observe all it strictly throughout the long life, but after all people try. So I break these principles extremely seldom. And such infringement about which seriously I can regret, no, I do not remember.

ABT friendship

My near circle consists of two categories of people. The first — With whom I am connected by WRK. WRK to me do not impose, I choose her, and inside there can not be those who to me is unpleasant or indifferent. So I work W friends — not always relatives, but as a whole it so. And as to the others — I was amazed always with people who in the area are excellent. Here it is the best actor, and he/she is the best journalist, and he/she is the best writer. And always 2 such improbably pulled. It does not mean that I ran behind them as the doggie, suffering affliction from nerazdelennosti, there was a response, and many of them became my friends. I do not apply efforts 4 friendship maintenance, simply it imposes obligations, which not in burden. And if thy most LUVed friend does not call to you, means, 4 it you not most LUVed friend, it is necessary to search for simple explanations.

ABT success

Very few people believes, but I never thought of success as ABT any necessary component, to me it is simple in a head did not come. I simply felt physiological requirement to be engaged in as this business, I very much liked process. But never I will begin to give absolute recipes and guarantees that if something to do Gud, the success will come: at me it how at others — IDK.

ABT freedom

Freedom in the country — it is possibility to follow belief, without being afraid that you will punish. Freedom personal — it to follow belief when you to spit — will punish or not. A leah Always I was free? Well, there were obligations to parents and consequently on any compromises went. Me already on a third year have invited in musical group of theatre " Lenkom ". But mother has told, graduate from the institute, then do that you want. And I have ended, though very much it would be desirable to become the musician. And since I should nothing to parents, nothing holds me. As a whole I never had to renounce the freedom — everything that I have made, have told, have sung or have written, have been dictated by desire to make so.

ABT belief

W/ O belief I never lived, though at me, probably, the mutual relations any very with the Most High God... I will prefer not to extend. I can tell only that orthodox attack planes which left now to protect our Orthodoxy, 2 belief have no the slightest relation. I am afraid, they and the Gospels did not read, and if read — have understood nothing. Belief 4 me — it is possibility to hear a voice from above. So was since the childhood. But precisely I know — it is not necessary to SPK about it.

ABT fear

I Am afraid only of one — that leaving from life owing to long illness delivers weight of travails and inconveniences to my relatives. Of an old age I am not afraid — what it such? Old age — it as you feel. Since the morning has risen — old, 2NITE has drunk a liqueur glass — like anything, has drunk two — an eagle. But first of all I am am held by that I do. Well and the fact that at me it turns out, judging by reaction of 4 whom I do it. CUZ I RCV from the business the same pleasure, as well as in youth if it is no more. Still I am afraid, of course, for children, I am afraid that war will begin or there will be any state nonsense which will result lines knows 2 what... Though such fear — it is normal, it behind brackets. And so — I am afraid of nothing.

ABT money

Money — it is certain degree of freedom. I have already understood for a long time that it is not necessary for me much. Though that such is a lot of, 4 someone and one thousand roubles — it is a lot of. Simply there is a limit which quite suffices. That is if money suddenly becomes more — I will not know that W them to do. However, children in this sense — a bottomless butt, in them it is possible to put and put. It is necessary for me, that sufficed on travel, and I do not show off, I do not fly by the rented planes. Money for musical instruments and small nonsenses which I collect are necessary. But there is nothing that I would like to buy, but could not allow myself. There is a house, the car — EVN two, are possibility to go where I want. For certain exists where - that time I it have not bought till now a thing which is too expensive for me, but, means, it is not necessary to me.

ABT children

Children — it cannot be passed any values, they are not passed. Thy values W you live and W you die. Children can be similar to you very much or not so, but it absolutely other people. And all these conversations about that the son will continue business of the father... Yes it will not continue anything. Only the father could do business of the father, and the son let does the. That at them a voice timbre identical and persons are similar, — well, pleasantly. And it is pleasant that while, fie - fie - fie, the son justifies my representations ABT the perfect.

the person should not SPK three words about About itself itself. But if very much it is necessary, I will tell here such three words — not deprived of abilities.