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The Positive balance of foreign trade of Russia following the results of the last quarters has increased by 5 %

the Positive balance of foreign trade of Russia following the results of last three quarters has increased by 5 %, having made $160 mlrd, the Federal customs service has informed. Such result speaks advancing growth of rates of export thanks to the risen in price oil. Thus import growth was slowed down from - for the reduced purchases of the foodstuffs. Russia has increased a foreign trade turn by 2,7 %, B4$611,5 mlrd, and the positive balance of trading balance, that is excess of cost volumes of export over import volumes, has grown in comparison with three quarters of last year on 5 %, B4$159,9 billion In particular, in trade with the far abroad countries the positive balance has made $132 mlrd (growth on $4,1 mlrd), with the CIS countries - $27,8 mlrd (growth on $3,4 mlrd). At the same time rates of increase of volumes of foreign trade are gradually slowed down B4 the lowest values since crisis.

the Russian export has continued to grow is more QIK import in cost expression, despite rouble strengthening (according to Bank of Russia, the rouble has become stronger in real expression on 3,9 % 2 dollar, 6,3 % 2 euro). Export has grown for nine MTH on 3,2 %, having made $385,7 billion Toplivno - the power goods have traditionally provided the export most part, thus increase of the world prices for this production with interest compensated some decrease in physical volumes. Simultaneously export of articles of food has increased by 69,5 % (physical volumes - on 83,7 %) thanks to restoration of export grain.

import for the same period has grown only on 2 %, having made $225,8 mlrd, thus the share of cars and the equipment in the general import has grown on 2 items of the item - B4 52 % whereas the share of articles of food has decreased on 1,3 items of the item, to 12,7 %. In particular, import of sugar and olive cultures was sharply reduced, and purchases of fowl, dairy products have grown. This data indirectly bears that the internal demand providing growth of the Russian economy in this year, at least is partially satisfied for the bill importozameshchenija. Besides, the increase in export of cars and the equipment from the far abroad bears to investment demand strengthening.